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Wait Staff For Hire
Most events where food or drinks are being served will require wait staff such as bartenders, barbacks, servers, and catering staff. In fact, having high caliber staff can help improve your event and leave an overall positive impression with your guests. On the other hand, staff that is unprofessional or staff that don’t show up to work can put a strain on the entire event.

When looking for wait staff for hire, here’s what to keep in mind:

Hiring Private Servers / Bartenders
There are many people who claim to be servers or bartenders but will work independently and pick their events rather than being affiliated with a staffing agency. Placing an online wait staff for hire job listing will allow people to apply for the position. 

In many cases, this is the less costly option. However, when you hire private wait staff, you have to trust the person that you hire to show up and be able to do their job.

If you’re going the private route, it is recommended that you carefully vet your applicants and check references to ensure that they are qualified and responsible. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for hired staff to not exaggerate their experience, perform poorly, or not show up at all either because they are irresponsible or due to a genuine emergency. While some emergencies are truly unpredictable, carefully interviewing your staff and checking references can help ensure that you’re hiring someone who is reliable and experienced.

When hiring on your own, you also face liability in case of an accident. If an employee is working your event and is injured in the process, you may be liable for the incident.

Working With A Reputable Staffing Agency

The alternative to hiring staff on your own is to work with a reputable event staffing agency in your area. Event staffing agencies are designed to accommodate events of various types and sizes and often have a large staff on payroll. This helps ensure that you have a broad pool of qualified and trained staff to choose from for your event. 

While working with an event staffing agency is often a little more expensive than hiring individual servers, it is also more convenient and comes with the guarantee that the staff you hire will actually show up to work your event.

Because event staffing agencies need to maintain a good reputation in their city, they tend to carefully select their waitstaff, which means that you’re already starting with a great pool of candidates. This can also save you the time and effort of looking at resumes and checking references for potential staff.

In addition to peace of mind, event staffing agencies also offer an easier way to select staff. Many event staffing agencies connect their client with an account executive who is able to advise about how many servers are needed and coordinate uniform selection. Some staffing agencies may also offer to rent equipment at a reduced cost to their clients, which may actually be more cost-effective than renting and hiring separately.

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