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What is an Event Staffing Agency NYC

Event Staffing Agency NYC
If you’re planning an event, hiring the right help can make a real difference. But where do you go to hire the staff? To an event staffing agency, of course. While you can chance hiring someone off the street with the risk that they won’t show up or don’t have the skills they claim to have, working with a reputable event staffing agency helps ensure event success and peace of mind.

Whether you’re new to the party planning business, or a seasoned professional, here is what you need to know about event planning agencies including how to spot the best in the business.

What is An Event Staffing Agency?

Event staffing agencies essentially meet the need for reliable, and professional event staff.

Some examples of staff provided are: bartenders, servers (waitstaff), bussers, sanitation captains, event captains, coat check attendants, and promo staff - promotional models (promo models), brand ambassadors, street teams, model staff, and event models.

Event staffing agencies are often engaged to provide staff for both private and corporate. Private events include where event staffing is crucial include weddings, banquets, private parties, anniversaries, and private cocktail parties. Meanwhile, if you’re planning corporate events such as fashion events and markets, corporate parties, store openings, and brand promotional events, you’ll also need to hire help.

Event Staffing Agency vs Staffing Agency

While event staffing agency and staffing agency sound similar, they are different in structure and function. An event staffing agency specializes in finding individuals who are suited for working a specific event. Meanwhile, a staffing agency is a job recruitment agency that helps place people in various jobs on a permanent or temporary basis. A staffing agency can recruit for all types of work and does not specialize in event staffing. 

What You Should Expect to Pay for Event Staffing Agencies NYC

There are plenty of event staffing agencies nationwide, especially in metropolitan areas like New York City. A large city is likely to have multiple staffing agencies. However, a top event agency that can provide high quality staffing is always in demand. Keep in mind that the pricing may vary slightly depending on where you live.

If you’re working with one of the top event staffing agencies NYC, you should expect to pay the staff $40-55 per person per hour. This ensures that you receive a high level of service and have a well-trained, professional staff at your event.

How Event Staffing Agencies Work

Most event staffing agencies are situated in the middle of their home city and are easily accessible. However, thanks to modern technology, physically visiting the agency is no longer necessary. Instead, you can hire by phone or online at your convenience; most modern agencies allow you to select staff and promotional models via photo, video, or live online casting.

Event staffing agencies are run by a team of account executives, bookers, sales managers and hiring managers. In addition, a good agency will have around 500 people who are available for employment.

How to Identify the Best Event Staffing Agency

If you’re looking for an event staffing agency, you have plenty of options. However, not all staffing agencies are equal. Here is how you can identify the best:

Insurance. The best event staffing agency is going to be able to insure their employees as they work at your event.

They Carefully Vet Their Staff. You’ll want to work with an agency that is very selective about hires.

Ongoing Training. A good agency provides ongoing training for all of their staff.

Accessibility. A good agency is accessible to clients by phone or online. If you’re having trouble reaching a staffing agency for questions, you will likely have the same problem on the day of your event.

If you need professional event staff, working with a reputable event staffing agency helps guarantee success.

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