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Why You Should Hire Wait Staff For Party

Waitstaff for hire
No company event is complete without tasty appetizers, dishes, and beverages. While planning the menu is a lot of fun, you also want to make sure that you have reliable staff to serve at the party, and to clear away the mess. Here’s everything you need to know about why you want to hire wait staff and how to find the best in the business:

Top Four Reasons to Invest in Wait Staff for Hire

If you’re working on a major event, be it personal or corporate, you probably already know that you are going to need help. After all, you cannot be expected to do everything yourself. Here are the top for reasons you’ll want to invest in help:

Delegation is Key to Successful Events. You can’t be bartender, clean-up crew, and host all at the same time. Unless you have a very small event, you probably already know that you’ll need extra hands on deck, so why not invest in a reliable team?

Setup / Cleanup. Hiring wait staff helps ensure that setup and breakdown are cared for so that you can enjoy your event and mingle with your guests.

Overall Aesthetic. When you hire servers for event, whatever that event may be, you are adding a level or organization and luxury. Everyone likes being pampered and having wait staff is a great way to pamper your guests, and yourself.

It’s Easy. Hiring wait staff with a good agency is quick and easy. A reputable agency can recommend the correct number of servers and bartenders to make sure you are not overstaffed or understaffed and even help you with other set-up and timing aspects.

Working with the Right Wait staff Agency

There are many agencies that offer wait staff for hire. You can research a local list by adding location into an online search or ask around for recommendations. Once you have your list of agencies, take a look at our tips for choosing the right fit:

Check Out the Website. Any modern agency that offers party waiters and party servers for hire is going to have a website. Taking a quick look at the website can help you determine whether or not you should consider the agency. One thing to look for is a list of their services that the agency offers to ensure that these services match with your own needs.  For instance, if you are looking for catering servers for hire, you don’t want an agency that only offers bartenders.

You also want to make sure that the website allows you to submit your requests in a quick and efficient manner.

Look at Reviews. Most wait staff for hire staffing agencies have reviews somewhere. Some of the easiest ways to find reviews is to check out their website but, if the website doesn’t have reviews, look at other sources such as Google MyBusiness, Facebook and Yelp.

Ask About Liability and Insurance. Many wait staff for hire agencies leave the liability up to you, as the customer. This is not the rule. There are definitely agencies that carry insurance and are equipped to deal with problems themselves, which gives you peace of mind.

While hiring wait staff for your party is definitely recommended, finding a reliable agency to partner with for your events is actually the key to success.

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