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Hospitality Staffing NYC: What Nobody Tells You About

Hospitality Staffing NYC
When we think about hospitality staffing, what comes to mind? Is it cleanliness? A helpful maid who brings you extra towels? A cordial concierge who checks you in? Whether they are part of your stay or a valuable team member, hospitality staff are, first and foremost, people who are doing a job. 

Here are a few things that most people don’t tell you about hospitality staffing NYC

They’re Pretty Smart. One of the most common myths about hospitality staff, and other blue-collar workers, is the idea that they are uneducated. However, this is simply not true in many cases. In fact, a lot of people who work in hospitality staffing are pursuing higher education and are working as hospitality staff to supplement their income.  

They Have Dreams and Plenty of Talent. Many people who work in hospitality staffing are models, artists, and performers who are working in order to help fulfill their dreams of succeeding in their chosen artistic path. This especially true if you’re in a large city like NYC, where there are plenty of opportunities for artists. Unfortunately, artistic opportunities don’t necessarily pay the bills — especially for young artists, actors, and models who are just starting out.  

Hospitality Staffing is Diverse. While you may have a preconceived idea of what a hospitality staff member will look like, this is simply not going to apply to everyone. Hospitality staff members can be of all ages and nationalities. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to find attractive hospitality staff who are also aspiring models and actors.

They are Professionals. Hospitality staff often receive training in order to perform their work and are often very good at their job. While every line of work has its few “bad” employees, most hospitality staff are putting in the effort in order to do their respective job efficiently and proficiently. Agencies like Julia Valler Staffing make it a point to not only train their hospitality staff upon hire but to also continue training as needed. 

They Have Options. Some individuals who work in the hospitality staffing NYC industry are freelancers, which means that they work as independent contractors. However, others choose to work with agencies in order to help ensure a steady stream of work and to enjoy agency benefits.

Working with a Hospitality Staffing Agency Means Working With the Best. If you’re looking for hospitality staff, working with a hospitality staffing agency can help ensure that you are hiring the best. Event staffing agencies, especially Julia Valler Staffing, tend to be very careful about whom they hire in order to ensure that you are choosing from a pool of candidates who are all highly qualified.

Ultimately, hospitality staff is people who are just trying to do their job and they deserve both consideration and compassion. If you’re looking to hire hospitality staffing NYC, Julia Valler Staffing has you covered; our staff are all carefully vetted professionals and we even provide a great array of uniform options. Plus, our hospitality staff are all W-2 employees, which means that we take on the responsibility for our staff’s safety. Call us today!

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