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Wait Staff For Hire: 3 Advantages of Using Temporary Event Staff

Wait Staff For Hire
Catering companies, restaurants, and many other businesses or establishments that offer event-related services regularly experience fluctuations when it comes to staffing demands. When a busy season is approaching or has already begun, it sends some employers into a hiring frenzy in attempts to balance out the workload to employee ratio, but once it’s over, they will be faced with some difficult decisions to make. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid getting trapped in this cycle - use temporary help of wait staff for hire from a reputable hospitality staffing NYC agency. Let’s look at the benefits this solution has to offer.

Flexibility — temporary wait staff for hire is there when you need it
A restaurant that got an event request on a short notice? A caterer with a party of 300 guests to feed? An event venue with holiday bookings back to back? Event staffing agencies got you covered for these and many other occasions. A good agency is easily reachable, will quickly process and respond to your request, and is prepared for emergencies, such as last-minute staff additions or replacements. And once the event is over, you don’t have to worry about keeping everyone’s schedules full until the next time.

Savings — save on costs and time
The costs of hiring and training new staff members add up quickly and it’s especially hard to justify them if the need for help is only occasional or seasonal. By using staffers, your business avoids expenses such as payroll taxes, overtime pay, health insurance, and paid vacation/sick time, among others. Additionally, expanding your full-time team will require the HR department to spend both time and money on running ads, reviewing resumes, interviewing, and onboarding process, all while risking to hire a potentially unfit candidate and having to repeat the process all over again. When you request wait staff for hire from an event staffing agency, they absorb a great deal of these costs providing you with only one invoice to pay at the end. And if you are not satisfied with the work ethic of any particular staff member, they will take care of replacing them for you.

Event Experience — staff trained to meet the demands of high-end events
A reputable hospitality staffing company usually has a thorough vetting process when reviewing new candidates, so make sure to ask about that when looking for your staffing partners. Only experienced people get selected and further training might be offered to ensure service excellence and consistency. Their uniforms should look polished and presentable. They should know the specifics of high-end banquet service, which differs from restaurant service in many ways, be able to set up and break down an event in any off-premises setting and always work well as a team.

During the unpredictable times of COVID-19, when you might not be ready to commit to long-term employment, your business might benefit from using temporary staff more than ever. We suggest finding an agency you can trust to in advance so that you know who to call when the next staffing emergency arises.

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