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A Guide to Finding a Bartender for Hire for Your Event in Miami

The key to any well-planned event is finding the right staff for the job. The best-laid plans can go completely wrong if your staff isn’t adequately trained or has little experience for your type of venue. In Miami, you can find talent of all kinds, but finding the right talent for what your event may require, is a craft in and of itself.

The most pivotal employee on your event's waitstaff is the bartender. They can quite literally make or break the event. You need someone who can handle the volume, the caliber of the clientele, and most importantly, knows how to make the perfect martini.

You may have a big day coming up, whether it’s a wedding, or a corporate party, or a special gala, and you need to find the right bartender or bartenders for the job. Not only to give great service but to create the special kind of high caliber atmosphere for your event that you require.

Here at Julia Valler Event Staffing, we eliminate the strain of hiring talent from your event planning process. We are considered one of the leading event staffing agencies both in NYC and now here in Miami. We recruit top Model Bartenders for serving your high-end events with elegance and skill.

Don’t panic if your event is right around the corner, we do cater to clientele that require last-minute staffing requirements, but normally we suggest that as soon as your event plans are finalized, that you immediately contact us for staffing purposes.

Depending on the size of your event and how many guests you are expecting, we will make recommendations for how many bartenders for hire you will need, and whether or not a Bar Captain would be a beneficial addition to the team.

Typically you will only need 1 bartender under the following conditions: if you are planning on having a wine and beer bar only with under 75 guests, or if you are doing a full bar with guests attending totaling 50 and under. A Bar Captain is recommended when your event has a more complicated service or strict timeline adherence, and entails hiring a team of bartenders. The captain can take a lot of the stress out of your hands by ensuring that all of the team is working well and they are organized, and that the different bar stations are operating effectively, and to handle any situations that may demand immediate attention.

As far as our recruitment process, we handpick our team of talent using rigorous background and talent verifications. Only about 7% of the talent who apply to our agency make the cut. We look at all facets of our employees history - their previous employment successes, their personality/behavior, and their level of professionalism on the job. No stone is unturned to ensure we are providing the best talent to our clients.

In this day and age, especially post 2020, we offer online recruitment services of all of our talent. You can easily review online from the comfort of your home their photos, work experience, and short video bios.

Our team of account executives will ensure your event plans are handled with great care and professionalism. They are available to you to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your staffing needs, and to smoothly lead you through the recruiting process.

So if you are looking for the best bartender for hire in Miami for your event, look no further than our event staffing agency here at Julia Valler. Call us for an immediate quote, and with the aid of our Account Executives, we will put together the perfect package for your event needs. Once you have selected your staff online, reviewed and confirmed the details for your event, made your uniform selections for the staff, you simply confirm your booking with online payment, and relax and enjoy the fact that your event is taken care of!
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