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How To Keep Your Event Attendees Safe?

Event staffing for safe events in NYC
2021 is here and, so far, event-related businesses in New York City are still facing zoning restrictions ranging from allowing gatherings of 25 people maximum to completely prohibiting events. But with the vaccinations already in progress, the prognosis for the year is still hopeful. According to a recent survey of over 400 event planners, 41% of them US-based, “63% predicted that their companies or clients will host in-person meetings and incentives sometime in the first half of 2021, provided that destinations allow gatherings”.  
One other condition mentioned was the enforcement of health protocols in response to safety and security being among the top industry concerns. Safety will remain a critical factor for both event planners and event attendees for as long as the virus presents a threat, so it’s important to begin the year by reviewing and possibly updating your safety solutions arsenal.

General Sanitation and Distancing Protocols

  1. When selecting the event location, calculate the space needs based on the number of attendees and social distancing requirements. Check for zoning restrictions.
  2. Gather enough signs and floor decals to be placed where the lines are likely to form — entry and exit points, coat check, restrooms, bars, food stations, dance floors. Assign event staffing attendants to monitor the lines.
  3. Set up plenty of hand sanitizing stations.
  4. Partner with a reputable hospitality staffing agency that is strict and transparent about the safety protocols for their workers. 

Catering: Food

  1. When planning food service for your event, think of prepackaged meal options. Ask the catering staffing agency you chose to work with to provide a few food station attendants who will hand out boxed meals while wearing PPE.
  2. Make sure that each box comes with its own set of utensils, napkins, and condiments if applicable.
  3. Ensure that enough waste receptacles are set up throughout the venue or put your hired event staff on the bussing duty to prevent event attendees unnecessarily wandering throughout the space.

Catering: Beverages

  1. Book professional bartenders for hire in NYC through your hospitality staffing partner. They should be the only ones handling all the barware and bar products during the event, safely preparing and serving beverages to the guests while also wearing masks and gloves. Having self-served bars is not a good idea during these times.
  2. The bar area should be stocked with disposable drinkware (consider recycling-friendly options).
  3. Consider having beverage attendants regularly offering refills on drinks such as wine and water or passing those drinks from a tray during the cocktail-style event, to eliminate crowding the bar areas. 

We encourage our fellow event professionals to diligently stay up to date with the most recent safety guidelines and revise their protocols regularly. Being upfront with your clients, event vendors, and event attendees about what exact steps you are taking to ensure their safety will help to build trust and increase the likelihood of a well-attended event that leaves a positive impression on everyone involved. We believe that this year our industry will make a comeback, stronger and safer.

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