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Our agency has reopened and resumed activity after coronavirus pandemic. We are glad to accept your requests for event staffing in NYC.
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Bartender for Hire NYC

If you're planning a party, having a reliable bartending service is a must! Fortunately, finding a top bartender for hire is not an impossible task when you're working with professionals!
Among the Top Event Staffing Agencies NYC
Julia Valler Staffing has earned its place as one of the top event staffing agencies in NYC. Since being founded in 2013, Julia Valler Staffing has a 98% customer retention rate with many long-term, satisfied partners who have been with us almost since the beginning.
Types of Events
We are proud to provide bartending services for both corporate and private events including: banquet, cocktail party, grand opening, wedding, private party, fund raiser, corporate event, media event, anniversary, home party, baby shower, and others.
Building a Successful Bartending Team
For best results, we advise choosing a Captain to lead the team of bartenders. For a partial bar you will want one bartender per 75 guests; a full bar, requires one bartender for 50 guests. If you are having drinks served at your party, we are also able to provide servers and bussers.

Additionally, we can handle the rental of a beverage bar and supplies for mobile bartending; we are happy to help you book all rentals that you will need beforehand quickly and efficiently.

We recommend hiring event staff as soon as you know the date of your event. However, we are able to assist with last-minute requests.
Our Advantages
Here are just a few reasons why Julia Valler Staffing has earned its place among the best when it comes to event staffing.
We provide personable, professional, and trained staff
We are very careful about the type of staff we hire- only about 5-10% of our applicants are brought onboard. While hiring, we vet all potential employees based on past experience, behavior, and professionalism. This means that you are guaranteed high-quality bartending services whenever you work with us.
Online Casting System for Bartender for Hire NYC
Our easy and convenient online casting system allows you to easily choose exactly which bartenders you want working your event. We have plenty of staff to accommodate gatherings of all sizes. Our online casing also features photo options, so you know not only what but whom to expect ahead of time.
We are proud to provide insurance for our staff, which means that you don't have to worry about covering our employees if there is an incident. Unlike other staffing agencies, we hire all of our bartender as W-2 employees; we take on the liability for our employees so that you have peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.
Account Executive
When you work with Julia Valler Staffing, you aren't just working with excellent staff, you're also partnering with one of our highly trained account executives. Our account execs are trained to help you make the hiring process go as smoothly as possible and are happy to answer any questions.
Working with an established company means peace of mind
With nearly a decade of experience in the event staffing business we know what works and what doesn't. While newer companies may still be figuring out their infrastructure, we have an established plan of action to help give you peace of mind.
Professional Uniforms
We have a great variety of professional, standard uniforms for our bartenders, but we are also happy to work with your desired specifications.

Bartending services

Whether you need one bartender for a private party or a team of professionals for a large corporate event we have your back. From weddings and banquets to anniversaries and cocktail parties we have just the right talent for your event. Our bar staffing options include but are not limited to bartenders, bar-backs, bussers, bar captains, sanit captains and event captains.
Bartender for party
Bar Captain
Event Captain
Private Party
Fashion Events and Markets
Private Cocktail Party
Corporate Party
Store Opening Event
Corporate Cocktail Party
Bar Staffing Options
Nervous about...
being short on staff?
staff cancelling?
staff not showing up?
staff lacking training?
staff lacking experience?
Then contact us to take the stress off your shoulders.

Beverage Catering in NYC

For our clients that need more than just a bartender we provide additional bar services such as providing alcohol catering, cocktail bar service, liquor liability insurance, liquor permit, and mobile bar rentals for weddings, anniversaries, private parties, and corporate events. Our standard open bar option is the most common choice, but if you are looking to impress your guests, we also have a premium version of full bar catering services. If you would like to add any of these services to your request, just inform your account executive and they will provide the bar packages for you to choose from as well as coordinate any of your event rental needs.
bar staffing
Bar Staffing
We are able to supply all the staff you might need for your event from bartenders, to bussers, to event and bar captains.
Full Bar Packages
Full Bar Packages
Our full bar package includes all the products you will need for your event: ice, non-alcoholic beverages, wine and beer as well as an array of liquor for your party.
Partial Bar Packages
Partial Bar Packages
If you are having a casual event or are looking for a more budget friendly bar option, partial bar catering or wine & beer catering package would be a good choice.
Liquor Insurance
Liquor Insurance
All events we produce are covered by our insurances but if you need a COI for the venue, please let us know right away. COIs are produced for each individual event and it takes time to produce them.
Liquor License
Liquor License
Please note, liquor permits are issued for each individual event and need to be requested in advance to be able to receive it by your event date.
Bar Rentals
Bar Rentals
We are able to coordinate all the rentals you need for your event at no additional cost to you. We will identify the items you need, request a quote from the vendor and once you approve the quote, you will pay for the rentals directly to the vendor.
Once you reach out, you will be assigned a dedicated account representative. The account executive will be your main point of contact prior to, during, and after your event.
We maintain the highest standards when hiring staff. Of the hundreds of applications we receive, we only hire 7% of the candidates.
Our staff is covered under our workers compensation, liquor liability, general liability and umbrella policies.
Account Executive
High Standards
Why us?
Online casting option allows you to select the perfect staff for your event based on a photo presentation of staff available for your event date. Click here to find out more about photo & video casting process.
Online Casting
Request a quote on our
website or give us a call
Depending on the package you choose, your account executive will send you a quote and a presentation with photos, sizes and previous experience of available staff.
Confirm your event details, select the uniform and make your staff selections.
How to Book?
Make a payment to confirm the booking. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful work of our staff.
Get a quote today and experience our exceptional bartending services. You deserve a stress free event.

FAQ About Bartender For Hire NYC

What if I need to cancel bartending services?
If you cancel bartending services two business days prior to your event date there is a 50% cancelation fee. If you cancel bartenders one business day or less prior to your event date there is a 100% cancelation fee.
What if I need to add more bartenders for my party last minute?
You can contact the office directly so we can coordinate accordingly and book bartenders for your event.
Will the bartenders clean after the event?
Bartenders will assist with event breakdown meaning restoring the venue back to its original condition should furniture have been moved or rentals brought in. The bartenders will not have cleaning products and will not be responsible for things such as mopping, sweeping etc., but can gather garbage and leave it in the proper place per your instruction.
What if my party goes longer than expected, can the bartenders stay? Will I be charged overtime?
The party bartenders can stay if they are available. Please confirm with your event captain or team leader. You will be billed post event at the same hourly rate.
Can I pay the bartenders directly for any extra time?
You may not pay the bartenders directly. All payments for bartending services must be made through the office. You will be sent an updated invoice post event for your final balance.
Will I be reimbursed if the bartenders are released earlier than originally agreed upon?
Should you release the bartenders before the 5 hour minimum you will not be reimbursed. If you confirmed the bartenders for 7 hours and released them after 6 hours, for example, you will have a credit of 1 hour on file to use for future requests.
Is gratuity included in the invoice for party bartending services?
Gratuity for bartenders is not included in the invoice. It is given at the client's discretion. We can, however, include it in your invoice per your request.
Can I have bartender's contact information when I hire a bartender for an event?
Our bartenders will have your contact information in case the need to reach you. Should you need to reach the bartenders prior to their start time, you can contact the office directly.
If I hire a bartender for event will the bartender come with any bar supplies?
The bartender will not come with any supplies aside from a wine key. Should you need any rentals for the bar, we can coordinate this for you through our third party rental vendor. Please let your account executive know and they can handle accordingly.
How many bartenders do I need to hire for 100 guests?
The amount of bartenders may vary depending on the amount of bar areas, drinks to be served and type of event. Generally, we suggest hiring one bartender for every 50 guests but we suggest discussing your event details with your account executive so that they can suggest the proper amount for your event.
How can I pay for hiring a bartender for an event?
You can pay for hiring bartenders by check, cash, credit card, or bank transfer.
Can your bartending event company provide a COI for our event when we hire bartenders?
Yes, please let us know if your event requires a COI as soon as you find out to allow time for processing.
Can you provide Liquor License for my event?
Yes, we can provide the liquor permit for your event if bar catering service is provided by us when you hire a bartender. We cannot provide a permit for donated liquor or beverages provided by client or someone else.
Can I request specific alcohol or specialty cocktail when I hire a bartender?
Our bartending event company will be happy to accommodate any custom requests.
What are the uniform options for party bartenders?
You may view all the uniform options for party bartenders here.
What if my event runs longer than I hired a bartender?
We try to accommodate any changes or client requests. Should you require additional bartending services time please speak to the Captain or your Account Executive.
What if something runs out?
Generally, this is not the case as we provide everything in excess when you hire a bartender for event. However, if most of the guests tend to drink the same beverage it is possible that we run out of it. There are two things we can do about this.
1. If you are aware that your guests have a certain preference, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.
2. If you are not sure about their preferences and something runs out we can do an additional delivery. To request additional delivery, please inform the Captain and the Account Executive. Please note, the price will not change based on the fact whether or not you request a redelivery.
What if more guests than originally planned arrive to the event?
Please inform the Captain and the Account Executive, so they can determine if additional liquor delivery is required. Please note, your invoice will be adjusted to reflect extra guests regardless of whether or not additional delivery is required because the beverages are supplied in excess and more alcohol will be consumed if the guest count increases.
Will I be able to keep the liquor that was not consumed during the event?
Our bar packages are based on rate per person per hour, not based on consumption. The liquor is supplied in excess and will be picked up at the conclusion of the event.
Amanda Wagner
I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a fantastic job your bartenders did at the event. Our guests loved them! They were so friendly and professional. Will definitely be using your company again. Thank You for Everything!
Terra CRG
Julia Valler provided our team with 3 bartenders for our annual holiday party of 250 guests. All women were incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were able to learn their way around our office quickly, keep a neat bar, and interact with our guests in a friendly manner.
Tyrese Haspil
Requested 2 Bartenders and 2 Bussers for a last minute house party and I must say that I was absolutely blown away by the level of professionalism, integrity and genuine eagerness.
Book professional bartenders and let them handle your event from start to finish. You deserve a stress free event experience