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NYC Mobile Bartending Service: A Flexible Solution for the Parties Anywhere

The trend of hosting events at unique and unusual locations has been on the rise, especially in the big cities like New York that have a myriad of options. Attendees crave memorable experiences and event planners get creative to meet their expectations. One challenge that off-premises venues present is not having the right setup for certain event functions, for example, an appropriate setting for bartending services. But fortunately, there is a solution.

Mobile bartending service is an easy and convenient way to offer professional bartending service at NYC event venues or off-premises locations that don’t have a built-in bar. It usually includes all the necessary equipment for storing, chilling, mixing, and serving beverages and is operated by the professionally trained bartenders for hire that will travel to you. 

This service is a good fit for a variety of events: smaller corporate gatherings that take place at the workspace, large company galas and holiday parties that happen at museums or other art venues, friends and family celebrations at private residences. While popular year-round, the demand for mobile bartending service is especially high in the summer when lots of weddings and other events are held outdoors. So if you are planning an event for the summer months, we recommend placing your booking for the mobile bar service in advance, to ensure availability of the staff and supplies and avoid rush fees.

To put together a mobile bar on your own, you would have to work with several service providers - rental equipment companies, liquor suppliers, possibly a florist. You would also have to take care of all the necessary permits and of course, find reliable event staff to serve your guests. Alternatively, you can delegate this request to a qualified event agency and check off several items from your to-do list at once.

At Julia Valler Event Staffing, in addition to providing catering staffing for NYC events, we assemble full mobile bar packages tailored to your requests. Our experienced Account Executives can help you determine how many bartenders you need, where to position the bars in your event venue, discuss and make suggestions for your beverage offerings, and secure all the necessary supplies for you. We can also help you coordinate food platter pairings to complement your mobile bartending service. 

Working with a reputable hospitality staff agency affords you a certain level of guarantee for the quality of results. Our bartenders for hire are hospitality professionals with verified experience. They follow strict safety protocols, get tested prior to the scheduled events, and wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times. In addition to serving, they will set up and fully breakdown mobile bars, restoring the event space to its original condition.

The mobile bar is a convenient and often necessary feature of many events. You can even offer this service as a gift for events such as nuptials or your parents’ anniversary. Brainstorm your event needs and ideas in advance and we hope you will consider Julia Valler Event Staffing as your trusted partner in bringing them to life. 

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