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New Approach To Promotional Modeling NYC

Promotional Modeling NYC
Hiring for promotional modeling in NYC has traditionally been a long and tedious process. After all, promotional models have the responsibility of representing a given brand at an event. If a model doesn’t know the brand or isn’t appealing to the public then the brand and any products that were presented by this model to the public may suffer. While companies must still take care when choosing a representative, the selection process has become much easier thanks to modern technology. Here’s what’s changed:

Live Castings are Out

In the past, a live casting was the most effective way to assess promo models. Why? Because, at the time, a live casting was the only way to see the model and hear them speak, which helped ensure that you were hiring someone who was both attractive and well-spoken to represent your products and your company.

The downside of live castings was the fact that, while effective, they were also notoriously time consuming and expensive. A live casting requires a time and place to be set aside so that you can view potential candidates as well as additional travel time.

Virtual Casting is In for Promotional Modeling NYC

Online casting offers a new and improved way to hire promotional models for your events without the extra hassle of live casting.

Here is what you need to know about the benefits of online casting:

Save Money. Online casting allows you to save yourself the cost of having to rent a space to audition promotional models as all auditions have already been pre-recorded.

Save Time. Selecting your promotional models online means that you don’t have to travel or set aside time for a casting. You’ll also be saving yourself the time because, unlike with a live casting, online selection also allows you to scroll through videos, fast forward, or even skip anyone who you don’t feel is a good potential candidate.

Choose on Your Own Schedule. Another major benefit of online casting is the fact that you can do it any time and from anywhere. Whether you need to be home with family, or must squeeze in promo model selection during lunch, you can cast your promo models at your convenience.

No Guesswork. Online casting includes video and photo options, which means that you can still see and hear potential candidates and allows you to still choose the best candidate for the job.

Many event staffing agencies, including Julia Valler Staffing, currently offer online casting for their promotional models. If you’re ready for a convenient and simple way to cast promotional modeling NYC, we are here to help with your simple and convenient online casting platform.

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