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How to Choose an Event Staffing Agency

When planning a party or a big event you are bombarded with numerous amounts of details and decisions. You need to remember everything and not forget about yourself, your appearance, and maybe even your speech. Planning an event can sometimes feel like a second job. It’s difficult, you are tired. The best decision is to hire an event staffing agency to relieve you from this stress. If you have never done it before, how do you find a good and professional staffing agency? Of course, you can google, but also be sure to pay attention to good reviews and easy to navigate websites with clear information.

What separates a good event staffing agency?

1. Insurance and Liability:

Wait staff for hire of a good agency should be covered under workers compensation, liquor liability, general liability and umbrella policies. Ask about it when you speak to the account executive of an event agency or find information on the website.

2. Exclusive Staff:

Ask how the agency chooses its staff for hire. A good indicator is when the agency has about a 5-10% hire rate, it means the agency hires the best of the best. It means that the staff has years of experience and know how to flawlessly serve your guests. With such an agency you can hire an exclusive wait staff team based on characteristics you are looking for.

3.Responsive Support:

Check if it is easy to contact the agency by sending a form on the website,online chat, or via phone. If you send your request today and get the answer the next day we recommend to look for another agency. A good agency gives you one-on-one attention from the start. The good agency trains their account executives how to process your request in the best way. The good agency uses modern and quick tools to fix all your needs and forgets nothing. 

Once an order is placed you should be given a designated Account Representative to be your point of contact, look over event details, and to execute your perfect party.

4. Online Portfolio:

If the agency offers the unique services it’s a good sign that you work with professionals. One of such services is you get to see your servers before you hire them - it is call online porfolio, online casting or online selection. The agency has dedicated headshots for all their exceptional staff to cast the perfect set of servers to make your party pop.

5. All in One

Good agency has everything for your event from start to finish from servers, to bussers, bartending services, set up and clean up, including coat check, table preparation, and silverware.

6. Past Experience

Pay attention the past events the agency held. Good agency is proud of its experience and show case studies on the website. If your agency works with famous big companies it is certainly very good also.

How big should be an event agency?

Whether it is a birthday party at the home, a company retreat, to hotel ballroom and other corporate events, a good event staffing agency should have all your needs covered. The agency could be small and have an office in one city or could be a big company and has offices in several cities. It makes no difference. Actually it doesn’t influence on the quality of services.

I hope my recommendations are useful and you find your best agency by all means.

Julia Valler, CEO

Julia Valler Staffing