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Waitstaff for Hire for Hotels in Miami

Beautiful hotels in Miami are one of the leading choices for many event planners and their clients of favorite picks for hosting their events. From weddings to corporate events, to holiday parties, the busy season is brimming for both hotels and planners alike. Many hotels are now incorporating the use of event staffing agencies to help manage any staffing issues during these peak booking seasons. When one hotel could have simultaneous multiple events happening on the same date, the issue arrives in ensuring adequate staff is ready and able to handle these extra bookings. This is why hotels are forming relationships with well-established event staffing agencies ahead of time so that they are able to easily add additional staff without the stress of doing a last-minute hire on their own.

Why Hotels Should Use Event Staffing Agencies

There is no greater complication for event planners and hotels alike than realizing at the last minute that you are going to be short on staff for your event the next day or even that same day! When you work with an established event staffing agency such as Julia Valler, you can easily add on an additional banquet server, bartender for hire, or another service professional to your roster, without the complications of hiring unknown talent on the fly. You can be at ease knowing you are gaining staff that is fully trained, professional, vetted, dressed to impress in uniform, and ready to work as soon as you make the call.

Another benefit to hotels in hiring from an event staffing agency, is you do not need to hire full-time or part-time additional staff, you can request the extra talent as you need it per event, without having to make costly adjustments to your staffing budget. Hire on an as-needed basis for those high volume times of the year when you need to bulk up or for when your employees call out sick.

What Julia Valler Event Staffing Offers

Top Recruits
Not only do you get top professional talent in the Miami area, that has been verified with both background checks and employment checks, but we only pick the best of the best to handle our most esteemed clients. Not every applicant makes the cut, we only hire about 7% of the talent hoping to join our agency.

Polished Appearance
Our waitstaff for hire comes ready, polished, and professionally dressed to handle your event. We offer model staffing for top promotional events where you desire a certain look for your party.

Personal Business Relationship
Once you become a client with Julia Valler, over time and gaining acquaintances with our Account Executives, we can tailor our waitstaff for hire to handle any specific and repeat needs you may have. We will be ready to handle your personal requests for how you like things done your way.
Perks with forming lasting relationships with us are custom rates, preferred staff requests, and more!

Experienced Working With Top Boutique Hotels
Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency has been the leading source of top talent for hotels for the last 8 years. We have formed lasting close business relationships with some of the best boutique hotels in our sister location in NYC such as Hotel Andaz, 1 Hotel, and PUBLIC Hotel.

Our hospitality staff has been valued over the years by these esteemed hotels for their ability to adapt quickly to the specific event type and service requirements. They are ready and eager to get to work immediately, mature and professional in their demeanor and behaviour, and experienced in working within the hotel and event industry.
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