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5 Reasons Why NYC Hotels Should Hire Event Staff from Hospitality Staffing Agencies

Luxurious, beautifully designed hotels are an appealing and popular location choice for event planners and their clients to the point that hotel and event businesses are inseparable these days. During the seasons of weddings, corporate celebrations, and holidays the phones are ringing non-stop the bookings are pouring in. On any given day, multiple events could be taking place at one hotel property, and of course, all of them need to be sufficiently staffed. Managing all the staffing requests, timelines, and accommodating constantly changing guest count is a full-time job on its own. This is when event staffing help might be needed and it’s good to know in advance who to call. Consider contacting a few hospitality staffing agencies during the slower season to get to know them and their offerings. Then when the busy time comes, your venue will not be caught unprepared.

Here are five reasons why hotels can benefit from working with a reputable banquet server temp agency:

Need more team members for your bartending service or an extra waitress for hire? Request them at your convenience and without the commitment of employing more people than you need permanently and keeping them occupied during slower times. A trusted staffing partner should be able to get your back and promptly assist in situations such as last-minute requests and staff call-outs.

Experience and Presentation
Hiring from a well-known hospitality staffing NYC agency means that you will have verified service professionals joining your team. A polished and uniform look should be a part of the deal.

It’s a bonus when you find an event staffing agency that provides you with insured personnel. Look for the agencies that employ their catering staff on W2, as opposed to hiring them as independent contractors.

Personalized Attention
Having a point of contact that knows and cares about your needs, such as an Account Executive, will greatly ease your load of work. As they get to know your venue and event specifics, they will be able to assist with your repeated requests in a fast and efficient manner.

Perks of Repeated Bookings
Becoming an on-account client has its benefits such as custom rates, terms, preferred staff, and many more, depending on the agency your partner with. Just ask your Account Executive or whoever you are in contact with.

Julia Valler Event Staffing has been partnering with New York City boutique hotels and offering hospitality staffing NYC-based services for over 7 years. Our clients include Hotel Andaz, 1 Hotel (Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan Locations), and PUBLIC Hotel, among others. Our servers and bartenders for hire are able to effortlessly join in and take the lead from the in-house team or work independently and adapt to any situation or setting. High-end banquet experience, polished look, timely arrival, and gracious service are a few things we bring to the table. Contact us any day of the week, even with last-minute requests, to discuss your upcoming event needs or to get to know each other for when the season picks up.

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