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Professional Servers for Hire in NYC

It is no easy feat to find the right servers for hire in NYC for your event. There are many concerns when going through the recruiting process on your own. Worries over servers experience levels, work attitude, reliability, and more. That is why Julia Valler Event Staffing is one of the top event staffing agencies in NYC with 13 years of longevity — we guarantee to clients a smooth and successful event with the right staff to carry it through. We have the knowledge and experience to anticipate all of your event needs ahead of time, ensuring an easy and stress-free process.

We guarantee our servers for hire will show up to your event on time, looking polished, fully uniformed, aware of their individual responsibilities, and ready to get right to work as a team. They have years of experience and are trained to handle any situation that may arise relating to the event at hand.

Each and every one of our servers has been chosen by our recruiters out of the vast number of applicants we receive. We select our talent based on outstanding merit, work experience, job performance, behavior and attitude, and overall professionalism.

The Right Staff for all of Your Needs

Whether you have a Wedding, Gala, Cocktail Party, Corporate Event, or any other specific occasion coming up, we have the right type of wait staff to meet your exact event staffing requirements. Depending on the type of event, anticipated guest size, and complexity of the event, our talented Account Executives will guide you through the hiring process to make sure your every party specification is met. We have banquet servers for large or small event sizes, model servers for fashion-related events, and cocktail servers for any type of cocktail party you may want.

What Our Servers Responsibilities Will Be

Our staff will come prepared knowing the timeline of your event, they will set up the necessary work stations and event tables, create a positive and professional atmosphere, and cater to your guests needs. At the conclusion of your event, our staff will help with the cleanup process. Any specific questions on the tasks delineated under contract by our servers for hire will be carefully outlined to you by one of our Account Executives, so you know exactly what to expect the day of your event.

Our Benefits

Thorough Talent Vetting
All of our event staff has been carefully chosen with full background checks and job verifications to guarantee that the top talent is part of our team. Only a mere 7% of job applicants are hired to join our agency.

Ease in Choosing Talent
We offer our clients the comfort and ease in individually selecting the talent they wish to hire online by viewing our staffs photos, video clips, and resumes. Now more than ever since 2020, this is a critical part of our business model.

Uniform Selection
We also offer our own variety of uniforms for our clients to choose from to match their specific type of event. If you have any custom uniform needs, we will work with you to be able to accommodate them. Just contact our Account Executives for any custom requests you may have.

Available Anytime
Even if you have hired another agency, and a wait staff member has called out sick or not shown up at all, we are available to you daily and after hours with a large roster of top talent to fill in those unexpected gaps.

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