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How To Hire Promo Models In 3 Steps

Promotional Modeling NYC
Having the right promotional models to engage the public, distribute promotional materials, and represent your brand voice can truly make your event a success. But, where do you hire great promotional models, and how can you ensure that you’re hiring the best?

Here is how you can find the right promotional models for hire to promote your event in three easy steps:

Step 1. Find a Reliable Event Staffing Agency

Many event staffing agencies specialize in promotional modeling NYC — in vetting and hiring reliable personnel, including promo models, which means that you choose from a pool of pre-selected and reliable candidates.

We recommend finding information on at least three local agencies; this helps ensure that you have plenty of choices and allows you to compare prices and qualifications. A good event staffing agency will have:

- Photo casting of models for hire
- Various uniform offerings, including the option to create custom uniforms
- Insurance for their promotional staff

Step 2. Contact the Agencies

Reputable agencies that offer promo staff for hire have several forms of contact. You should be able to contact agencies via phone, website, chat, or office visit. A good agency is also going to be able to answer all of your questions in a clear and concise manner.

Step 3. Choose the Best Agency

There are many good event staffing agencies, especially if you’re in a big city. Here are important features to consider when looking for the best event staffing agency.

User-Friendly Website: A good agency will have a site that will allow you to connect with the company, find most of their deals, and even view potential promotional models without having to search for information. The best event staffing agency is going to allow you to choose your models online at your convenience via photo or video casting.

Professional Consultations: Top event staffing agencies know that sometimes, a client needs advice to succeed, which is why these agencies pair clients with experienced account executives. The account executive is then able to act as a point of contact between the client and the team, while also advising a client to ensure that any promotional event is a success.

Responsive Support: Being able to reach an event staffing agency is extremely important; if they aren’t accessible now, how do you expect to reach them on the event day?

Thorough Vetting: You should expect an exceptional event company to have a 5-10% hiring rate; this ensures that they hire the best.

Ongoing Training: The best companies provide continued training for their promo models so that they are well prepared to represent your brand prior to your event.

Excellent Reviews: Before you hire promo models, make sure that the company has excellent reviews from prior clients.

Hiring promo models is easy if you partner with a professional event staffing agency. While you certainly can vet and train the models yourself, this is time-consuming and expensive; working with a reputable staffing agency instead will set you up for success.

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