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Bartender for Hire NYC: Three Key Advantages

New Yorkers enjoy hosting and entertaining year-round. While planning a friends-and-family gathering in your house or apartment, you might be facing a dilemma of whether to look for a professional bartender for hire in NYC or skip this step and find out if you have a hidden knack for mixology yourself. Sounds familiar? To spare yourself some trouble, consider the following advantages of hiring a professional:

Help with setting up and breaking down the bar
Bar setup should begin at least an hour (more often two hours) before your first guest arrives. Space needs to be arranged efficiently, bars filled with the right type of glassware, beverages chilled (and sometimes premixed), and garnishes cut. All while you are finishing up getting yourself, your family, and your house ready for the guests. If even by reading this you are feeling overwhelmed, hiring help is probably a good idea.
Also, consider the post-party cleanup - washing and putting away the glassware, taking care of the garbage and recycling, and tidying up the space. A professional bartender will be able to do this for you, while you relax and wind down from your event.

Hosting or serving?
During the party, bars are usually busy at all times. Your friends mix and mingle, and everyone's on their own drinking timeline. They come up for refills and try different cocktails, glasses break and need to be cleared up promptly, you have to make runs for more ice and wine from the cellar, and the list goes on. If you are preoccupied with keeping the drinks flowing, get ready to miss on a lot of socializing. Alternatively, google “bartender for hire in NYC”, secure one in advance, and your only “duties” for the evening will be connecting with your friends and creating those precious memories.

Customer service
There is just something about having a professional, presentably-looking person behind the bar that instantly gives your party an extra edge. A bartender can turn a simple act of getting a drink into the whole experience for their customer, from mixing to garnishing. They can assist with selecting the right wine or beer for someone's taste, and even create a custom beverage to the guests’s liking. Their hospitality skills will shine through both the technique and their ability to entertain, so that every guest will feel themselves a VIP.

Seems like finding a bartender for hire proves to be the right solution for gatherings of all types and sizes. It ensures that your event runs smoothly and that you, as a host, don’t miss out on the precious moments with your loved ones.  

A word of caution - we suggest sending your request to a reputable event staffing agency vs hiring a stranger off the internet. This adds a layer of guarantee and ensures that your bartender is a vetted and skilled professional. For more information on how to find a good staffing agency check our other blog post.

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