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5 Tips on Choosing Wedding Catering in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / June 17th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Wedding catering is a popular and ever-changing service in the wedding planning world. You may find the most picturesque, drop-dead gorgeous event hall to have your wedding, but then you discover that their kitchen and food service are pretty lackluster. You don't want to compromise a beautiful space with food that is not of the quality you want your guests to be served.

There are other occasions where it is absolutely imperative that you hire a wedding catering service for your event. If you decide to hold your big day at a venue that offers no kitchen, or is in a remote outdoor location where you need to bring everything on site. These are more popular wedding styles, so pick a location that is not the norm. But this comes with the need to find a trusted and talented wedding catering service who is reliable to service your wedding no matter where.
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Tip 1. Decide on the Type of Wedding Catering

It is important to define early on in your wedding catering plans, what type of food service your wedding will offer to your guests. Will it be a banquet sit-down meal with waiter service, a full buffet service with buffet attendants, or perhaps a self-service buffet where the guests take care of their own plating? The choice you make will factor in on what other services you will require from your wedding catering service.

For example, a banquet sit-down meal requires servers, bussers, having tables with linens. and all the necessary plate ware and glassware for the meal. A buffet service requires an organized and beautiful display of arranged food items with banquet attendants to serve the food and answer the questions about the menu to the guests. A self-service buffet requires the table to be replenished often with individually portioned food items and to keep the buffet area clean and mess-free.

    catering staffing in miami
    It's important to understand which event format is closer to you and will be more appropriate for your wedding

    Tip 2. Choose a Catering Company Based on the Number of Guests

    Depending on the size of your guest list will determine the type of wedding catering company that you should hire. If your guest's count is over 100, they you will need a large catering company that has multiple chefs available to cook the meals so that all the guests are getting their dishes served at the same time.

    Tip 3. Read reviews, Look for Recommendations from Friends

    catering staffing in miami
    Trust your wedding to a professional
    Start your initial search for a reputable wedding caterer in LA by reading business reviews online. Google reviews serve as a good starting point in determining how a business is doing and how satisfied its customers and staff members are with them. This is not the only method to narrow your search.

    Ask friends or your wedding planner, or other professionals in the industry for their personal recommendations. Oftentimes, knowing that people have had a positive experience with a caterer gives you a more reassuring feeling.

    With these search results, try to narrow your list to just 2 or 3 wedding caterers, and then start calling them one by one. Ask questions that are specific to your event type to see which company offers more benefits to you.

      Tip 4. Arrange a Tasting

      Once you have found a caterer that looks like a good choice, arrange a tasting of their menu selections. Depending on the caterer, and what items you are interested in, they may offer this service for free, but if not, you will be given a price point for different tasting menus they offer.

      Get a feel for the taste of the food, the preparations involved, and how esthetically appealing the dishes look. You want your guests to not only have their tastebuds satisfied but their eyes as well.

      You can also at this time assess the professionalism of the staff. A tasting is a caterer's business card, if they don't treat it seriously and give you great service, then you can expect more of the same at your wedding event.

      Tip 5. Get Serious About Catering Staffing

      Wedding servers and other wedding staff members are critical for your wedding catering success. You can have the best food in Miami, with the most beautiful wedding location, but the waitstaff you hired is unskilled, ill-attentive, and unsure of what to do. This spells disaster for your wedding reception.

      When it comes to catering, staffing is as equally important as the food itself. You want to be sure that you hire your catering staff in Miami from a trusted event staffing agency like Julia Valler.
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