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Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency has earned its place as one of the top event staffing agencies in LA, Miami, and NYC. Since being founded in 2013, every year we supply upwards of 10,000 staff members for our events including bartenders, servers, barbacks, bussers, bar сaptains, event сaptains, and more! We have proudly worked with such top brand names and events as Chanel, Coach, Ferrari, The Met Gala, Disney Cruises, NYC Fashion Week, and many more!
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Our Services

An event is only as good as the people who wait on its tables. Your event is more than a sumptuous feast and stunningly gorgeous decor — make lasting memories for you and your guests with our professional and highly skilled waitstaff.
We have skilled, professional, and reliable bartenders who will make your event run efficiently and smoothly from start to finish.
Our promo models have the perfect people skills to make your next promotional event a total success. They are the perfect add-on for your business opening, product launch, street promo, or fashion event.

Rates range from $50/hr to $55/hr

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Our Clients

Our event staffing company in Los Angeles is happy to work with private and corporate clients from many different industries: event planners, individuals hosting private events, catering companies, private chefs, restaurants, event venues, off-premise event locations, art galleries, fashion houses, media agencies, PR companies, and anyone in need of high-quality event staffing services.

Meet Julia Valler Event Staff

Why Work With Julia Valler Event Staffing

As a first-rate event staffing agency in Los Angeles, our sole purpose is to provide high-tier event staffing solutions for our clients. We are repeatedly sought out after for the following services we provide:
  • Fully Vetted Event Staff
    We carefully hand-select our event staff in Los Angeles from the many applications we received to choose only the best applicants. Only about 7% of the job applications we receive go on to become part of our team.
  • W-2 Event Staff
    We do not hire our employees on contract like many other agencies. Our event staff is W-2 employees. They are expected to meet our agency's highest performance standards in order to remain employed with us.
  • Remote Staffing Selection Option
    We offer fully remote online event staffing selections for our clients. You can view our staff's photos, video clips, and resumes to select exactly the staff members you wish.
  • Preferred Event Staff List — Corporate Account Benefit
    When you choose to hold a corporate account with Julia Valler, one benefit is that you get to pick your favorite event staff members to work with again and again.
  • Uniforms
    We offer a selection of uniforms to choose from that vary from casual to formal. We also accommodate custom uniforms!
  • Available Always
    We are here for you 7 days a week, even after office hours, in order to handle any LA event staffing solutions you may require.
Client Reviews
  • What a dream team we got for our event! Fantastic. Professional. Helpful. Self-starters. Lovely to work with. Punctual. We could just 'let go' and enjoy our party. Next time: valler!!
  • The team was fantastic and did a great job (it looked like they had fun too!). Thank you to the entire JV Staffing team for helping bring our photo shoot to life! I'll definitely be reaching out in the future!
  • Julia Valler promo models were very professional and sweet. They were punctual, courteous, and efficient! Would highly recommend!
Where is Your Next Event?
Our event staffing services go beyond the borders of Los Angeles and expand into the surrounding communities of LA county.

Meet Julia Valler

To Julia Valler, service is one of her greatest passions, ever since she watched Jennifer Lopez's The Event Planner, it fueled her dreams to launch her own successful events agency in NYC in 2013.

Finding like-minded service-oriented souls like herself, Julia went on to launch her own event staffing agency in NYC in 2013 where she now presides as both the President and Chief Creative Officer. Based on her NYC location's immense success, she opened an additional location in Miami, FL in 2021 and one more in LA in 2022.
Julia Valler Event Staffing LA
Julia Valler
CEO, Julia Valler Event Staffing

Why Event Staffing is the Key to a Successful Event

Get a Stress-free Experience
If you want to organize a memorable event in Los Angeles, then you are going to need the right team to help you carry your plans out smoothly from start to finish. Hiring the right event staffing in LA is tantamount to hiring the right caterer for your event. If you try to take shortcuts or don't do the homework on finding the best quality talent, you could quickly find yourself with a disaster on your hands.

So to avoid that unpleasant scenario, let's go over the fine art of event staffing in LA, and how having professional event staffing services at your aid, can make your event go from being a source of stress to a story of success!
The Art of Event Staffing
Finding a reputable and tenured agency specializing in event staffing in LA is where you will be able to take the burden of staffing your event off of your shoulders and place it squarely on the professionals.

A good staffing agency does all of the hard work for you, (background checks, work verification, additional training, certifications verified or completed, etc. ) A GREAT agency goes above and beyond this, and selects only the very best talent with the most experience, and grooms their staff to adopt their brands level of service excellence in everything they do, to guarantee high-performance results to their clients.
That is the caliber of professionalism in an event staffing company you should look for when looking for a top source for event staffing in LA.
With the Julia Valler Staffing Agency, the Event Success is Guaranteed
With Julia Valler our reputation precedes us in every way. Our agency has become known for only providing the very top level of talent for event staffing in LA.

In Los Angeles, event staffing can be a difficult challenge to overcome. There are a lot of people to choose from in the hospitality sector, and you need an agency that is experienced and reliable in having only the best staffing talent on their roster.

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Rates range from $50/hr to $55/hr

Contact us to get excellent quality at the best price
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