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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / November 07th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Unsure as to what temp staffing really means? You are not alone in that! Many people often confuse temp staffing with the concept of part-time employment. They can oftentimes seem like they are interchangeable when they are quite different from each other in meaning.

Temp staffing doesn't need to be a confusing concept, we will review what it is with you so you know how it can be a beneficial source of employment.

What is Temp Staffing?

Temp staffing is a form of employment that is specific to a special length of time or per-project basis as opposed to full-time permanent employment.

This can be a great option for both job seekers and businesses as it can be applied to a variety of industry backgrounds from human resources to technology to construction and beyond!

Temp staffing allows businesses to gain access to a wide range of skilled talent for them to select. It is also highly beneficial to the hospitality industry for these very same reasons.

What Tasks Does Temp Staffing Solve in the Hospitality Industry

Temp staffing is a great tool for the hospitality industry to utilize as it can fix one of the biggest obstacles to this specific industry - staffing. Temp staffing is beneficial in more ways than one, here are just some of the rewards one can reap when using this form of employment.
  • Budget Friendly - When you take advantage of temp staffing, you don't have to figure in compensation for benefits, health insurance, vacation, sick pay, retirement, and other employee security benefits. These are costs that are incurred for full-time or permanent employees.
  • Convenient Source of Staff - Need to reduce or add an employee due to the nature of the business seasons (busy or slow)? With temp staffing, you can easily adjust your staffing numbers as need be.
  • Quick Staffing Solution - have employees about to go on maternity or parental leave or taking their vacation? When you use temp staffing, you can quickly fill in those staffing spots with a qualified individual.
  • No Training Required - When you use temp staffing, the heavy lifting as far as training has been already done for you. You will be provided with skilled and dependable employees that can get to work right away.

How to Find the Best Event Staff Services in Miami

  • Julia Valler is your go-to source for hospitality staffing in Miami. We pride ourselves on being the top contender staffing for events for the most prestigious brand names and clients in the world.

    Since 2013, we have been expanding our brand as a temp staffing agency to encompass every facet of hospitality. We pride ourselves on our long list of clients that have been with us almost since day one. We offer the best event staff in Miami, due to our diligence in recruiting only the finest talent in the area to bring top-level service to our most esteemed clients.

    Ready to learn more about Julia Valler and explore all of our temp staffing options available in Miami? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us today to find out more!
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