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Bartender in Miami for Summer Parties

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / July 13th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Summer is in full swing in Miami and this is the time for parties of all kinds to celebrate the fun season of warm sunny weather, vacations, pool time, barbeques, birthdays and more! Any excuse to invite people over to have some cool drinks is what summer is all about. Make your summer parties this year stand out as something spectacular by hiring a bartender in Miami to put the wow factor in your celebrations.

Why Hiring a Bartender is the Best Idea for a Summer Party in Miami

Finding a bartender in Miami to work your party is not just a good idea, it's borderline genius. The very last thing you want when you just want to relax and have a good time with your friends, family, and other guests, is to be having to run around serving drinks, and attending to their needs. That means you are the host, server, bartender, all rolled up into one. No thank you.

You want a professional that offers full-fledged service. They set up the bar in an appealing and accommodating manner. They greet each of your guests with a smile and kindly offer them a drink or to make what they wish. They are knowledgeable about their craft and can answer guests questions about different types of liquors or spirits. This extra class is what will make your party something special for you and your guests.

What Kind of Parties in Miami You Definitely Need to Invite a Bartender

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the type of party a bartender in Miami can work. These range from the following:
  • Pool Party
    - having a bartender to serve drinks next to the pool or have a floating bar!
  • Birthday Party
    - a birthday bash with a solid bartender mixing up the crowds faves is a sure hit!
  • Engagement Party
    - Toasting to the love of the engaged couple will be extra special with a bartender serving the champagne and other specialty cocktails.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
    - The guys and gals want one last hoorah before the big day, and having a bartender to make the celebration one to remember!
  • Yacht Party
    - This occasion is already high class, and what makes a perfect match is having a professional bartender to serve your special guests!
  • Wedding Receptions & Engagement Parties
    - These are very special occasions where every detail needs to be handled with care. A professional bartender can make sure these event timelines move smoothly along and provides great service to your guests.

How to Find the Perfect Bartender in Miami

If you are looking for top bartenders for hire in Miami, you need look no further than the reliable and professional bartending staffing services provided by Julia Valler.

Our agency has been leading the business of staffing for events for almost a decade. Our event staff in Miami are considered high level professionals, with unmatched skills and training in the industry.

We handpick only the best talent to join our elite team of service professionals. That is why only 7% of the applicants who apply to our agency make the cut.

Find out more about our stellar bartenders for hire in Miami by giving us a call today!
Find the best bartenders with Julia Valler Event Staffing - Miami

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