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All You Need to Know about Bartender Jobs in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 14th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Have you ever wanted to find a better bartending job in Miami, or maybe looking to jump into this field, but weren't sure where to look? If you are in search of an amazing bartender job in Miami, then we have exactly what you are looking for with Julia Valler Event Staffing!

Bartending jobs can sometimes be competitive and hard to find one where you can feel like you fit in. We have some great tips and opportunities to share with you that will encourage you about this exciting career field.
Boost your career now with Julia Valler Event Staffing - Miami

A Bartender Job is a Great Opportunity
for Young People in Miami

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If you are considering looking for bartender jobs in Miami Beach or a bartender job in Miami, it truly is an amazing job to get into for younger people. Why you may ask? Because it helps shape you as a person and helps develop social skills, time management skills, stress management skills, and interpersonal skills.

It can be a great career to launch you forward into either pursuing it full time or using it like many other people, to balance against your other interests, all while earning a great paycheck! You can go back to school, do auditions, brainstorm a new business idea, and bartend to support your endeavors!

Celebrities Who Used to Be Bartenders

You can't knock the industry, because some of Hollywood's A-listers started off as bartenders too! Sandra Bullock, Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Willis, and many many more, were bartenders before they got their big breaks in acting, producing, comedy, and many other areas of talent.

You can quite literally use bartending as a full-time career, or you can use it as a great way to earn a dependable income while pursuing your dreams!

Вartender Jobs in Miami: Skills and Responsibilities

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Excellent Customer Service
You need to know how to deal professionally with people on a regular basis. Handling personalities and situations of all extremes and not losing your composure or your speed of service, is pivotal to being a really great bartender.
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Time Management
Can you take a drink order, while ringing up a customer's tab on the register, while shaking a shaker, and not get all 3 confused? Being able to multitask is a definite must for bartenders because speed is of the essence when crafting drinks and handling customers' requests. The very last thing you want to do in this business is "get into the weeds".
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Great Drink Repertoire
Do you already have a go-to list of popular standard drinks that people commonly request at bars? You need to know the standard, and have the chops to learn more recipes if need be.

brand ambassador jobs in miami
Gift of Gab
Can you carry on a conversation about anything? Do you feel comfortable talking with strangers? Having a great personality and the ability to talk easily with the customers is paramount to being a fantastic bartender.

How to Know If a Bartender Job is Right for You?

If you are not sure that bartending is right for you, just trust your gut. Do you like to meet new people? Would you like to get the opportunity to work on exciting new events attended by a celebrity or A-list clients? Do you want a job that is flexible around your life, not the other way around? If you answered just now in a 'Harry Met Sally' "Yes, YES, YESSSS!" form of response, then you are on your way to starting your bartending career!

How to Find the Best Bartender Job in Miami?

Your best option for finding the very best bartender jobs in Miami is to go through our agency, Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency. We are hiring in Miami!

We offer tremendous perks and advantages to our staff because we know the importance of having a happy team on our side and we care about not only developing them professionally but developing them as persons.

Here are some of our advantages:
Monthly Pay Increases
We assess your development and reward you monthly in pay increases.
Competitive Starting Pay
Our pay starts in the range of $20-25/hr.
Flexible Work Schedule
You can pick and choose events to work on based on your availability
$50 Referral Reward Incentive
Refer a friend that successfully completes 3 events and get a $50 reward!
Fun Company Team Events
Every summer we host fun events for teammates to meet each other and have some rest and relaxation!
Our Notable Clients
We work with top-name clients- Chanel, Coach, Ferrari and more!
Boost your career now with Julia Valler Event Staffing - Miami

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