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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 06th, 2023 / ~ 9 minutes read
Having the right quality of staffing for events in Miami will make a difference in how your event is received by your guests. When you are planning a high-level event and want to make a positive impression immediately on your guests, the event staff in Miami you hire will either make or break your event.

That is why when it comes to hiring staffing for events, you need to go through a professional and experienced agency that has a full roster of top talent to handle your events needs with world-class service and finesse.
What is Staffing for Events
Staffing for events entails fulfilling all of the hospitality roles your specific event demands. As an event host or planner, you need to make sure that every responsibility to the guest is addressed in a timely and efficient manner in order to provide the very best event staff services.

Depending on the type of event, the demands of the guests will vary from the simpler to the more complex. When an experienced staffing agency is at your side, they will examine your event details and make the best recommendations for staffing for events that your event demands.
Types of Staffing for Events
There are many forms of staffing for events to choose from. Whether it's the traditional hospitality roles such as waitstaff or bartenders, or if your event requires a more tailored type of event staff, such as for promotional events in particular, then you would benefit from the expertise of promotional models, brand ambassadors, and more!

Here are some of the many varieties of staffing for events that Julia Valler offers:
  • Promo Models/Brand Ambassadors - Have a promotional event in the offing? Brand launches, store openings, and other marketing initiatives will be set for success with the skills and experience of qualified promo models and brand ambassadors, representing your brand and spreading its message to your customers.
  • Hosts - When you want your guests to immediately receive a warm and gracious reception, hiring hosts to welcome guests as they arrive and attend to their needs during your event, is a must.
  • Waitstaff - This staff is highly skilled and trained in food services, and food & beverage knowledge, and are attentive and dedicated to serving your guests with the best hospitality service.
  • Bartenders - Knowledgeable in wines, spirits, and liquors, these skilled staff members will whip up a mouth-watering drink while expertly handling the many responsibilities that a full-service bar demands.
  • Barbacks - These helpers are essential to a bartender to make sure the bar is well stocked and ready to handle a busy event.
  • Event Captains - An event encompasses many moving parts and in order to guarantee that the event moves seamlessly and in an orderly fashion, it is recommended to hire the services of an event captain to oversee the finer details of your event as a whole and deal in person with any issues that may occur.
  • Bussers - Making sure the floor is clear and clean, the restrooms are fully stocked and maintained, and your guest's tables are cleared and reset is absolutely critical. Having a skilled team of bussers to handle your event cleaning requirements is very important.
Why You Should Choose Julia Valler Staffing for Your Next Event in Miami
Julia Valler is one of the leading agencies
in Miami to handle staffing for events of all shapes, sizes, and formalities. Our experienced team of hospitality professionals is passionate about their work and providing your guests with the most memorable and positive experiences possible.

We take pride in ensuring our team is the best qualified and most experienced staff members of any agency. We take great measures to hand-pick the best talent for our agency, which is why only 7% of the job applications we receive, end up being hired. With that high level of selection of our staff, comes the advantage that our agency is composed of a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of absolute service professionals.
With Julia Vallers staffing for events, your event is set up for immediate success! Contact us today to learn more about our staffing options. Our account executives are eager to assist you!
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