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Event Staff for Hire in Miami

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Anyone looking to put together an event in Miami will need to hire not only talented event staff to make that day run successfully, but enough event staff members so that the flow of service is not disrupted and runs smoothly throughout.

Hiring your event staff from the ordinary online gig sites and job posting sites is not only reckless in that you have no idea who you are hiring, but also that it can cost you the success of your event as well. Do you want to put your event and your guests on the line based on someone you hired off of the street? Or would it make more sense to go the route of hiring through a top tenured event staffing agency, who has already done the difficult work for you, and has checked out the staff members experience and history, and knows their skill levels.

Why Hiring Through a Staffing Agency Works Better

Never again will you have to second guess your waitstaff selections wondering if that person will show up on time or at all to your event, if they possess the required food safety certifications, food, and wine knowledge, and possess service experience to work efficiently and well as a team.

At Julia Valler Staffing Agency, we have been at the top of the staffing industry for almost the past decade. We have hired the cream of the crop in the hospitality industry by being extremely selective in our hiring and recruiting processes. We receive numerous applications from job hopefuls looking to join our amazing company, but only a mere 7% of those applicants are up to the level of standards that we hold when it comes to selecting additional team members.

This right there should make you breathe a sigh of relief. We don't take any chances when it comes to hiring talent, because, at the end of the day, the service they provide represents our company as a whole. So the best service is what we stand by and is what has garnered us our respect in the industry and reputation for providing excellent service to our clients.
Why Use Julia Valler
Our agency prides itself on being among the very best in the event staffing industry. We offer all of our clients the following advantages:
Quality Staffing Services
We provide model quality staffing services for any event. All our staff are carefully selected.
Experienced Staff
Highly experienced, fully trained, and vetted staff members from our online roster.
Professional Account Executives
Professional Account Executives to provide one on one assistance with your event staffing and other required services.
Online Staffing Selection
Our clients select staff online from our roster quickly, viewing videos, photos, reviews and other information about our staff.
Immediate Event Quotes
Call us, send us an email or fill out the web form we will provide you with immediate event quotes. We will answer all your questions.
Emergency Staffing Services
If you do not have enough staff for an event, someone from the staff got sick or did not show up for the event, we will immediately provide you with staff.

Styles of Service Our Event Staff Work

Our talented event staff is comprised of staff experienced in working numerous styles of food and beverage service. Among the styles of service we provide are:
Cocktail Service
Sit-Down Dinner
Family Style
French Service

Our Clients

We are pleased and proud to work with a variety of events, both private and corporate, of varying backgrounds. Some clients we have worked with include event planners, PR companies, restaurants, art galleries, media agencies, catering companies, private chefs, fashion houses, individuals hosting private events, event venues, and more!
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