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Calling all event planners and individual party coordinators in Miami! The best resource for you going forward with any event plans is to hire your event staff services through a trustworthy and highly lauded agency like Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency.

Julia Valler has been providing top-notch professional event staff services since 2013 in NYC and now 2021 in Miami.

Our agency has built a legacy of success because of the high standards with which we select and continuously hold our event staff recruits to. We are proud to state that we have worked with such reputable events and clients as Guinness World Record Event, Met Gala, NYC Fashion Week, and many more.

Our Event Staff Available

Julia Valler Event Staffing agency has a wide range of event staff for any occasion and event style you can imagine.
They are exceptionally trained to craft delicious crowd-pleasing favorites and to create a warm and engaging atmosphere at your bar. They are personable and professional, and skilled to handle volume and stress. At your request, we can also supply to you bar captains and barbacks.
They are model professionally trained with years of experience in handling a wide variety of services: cocktail service, french service, sit-down, buffet, and family-style. In addition to these dedicated staff members, we also can supply for your event bussers, coat check attendants, sanitation captains, and event captains.
We have multi-talented staff specifically for promotional events who are excellent public speakers who exude professionalism and great character. We feature for hire, promotional models, street teams, brand ambassadors, event spokesmodels, promotional staff for trade shows and conventions, event models, and model staff for any event occasion.

Our Advantages

Julia Valler Event Staffing agency is well-known for providing high-end services to clients' events. It is no wonder that 98% of our clients hire us again and again.
  • Model quality professional event staff
    with exceptional skills in their specific trade areas. They are thoroughly vetted to guarantee their experience and abilities to our clients. Only 7% of our applicants make the cut to join our agency. Our selectiveness is a reflection of our demand for the highest quality of service to provide to our clients.
  • Talented Account Executives
    who are there whenever you need their guidance in the process of hiring staff, and supplying any other event needs you may have.
  • Online Talent Casting Option
    for all of our clients, both return and new, who wish to review our staff selections available for hire from the comfort of their home. Especially since 2020, this option has become one of our most desirable features.
  • Client Response Timing
    is always on point. We are available 7 days a week and even after business hours to listen to your needs and concerns.
  • Preferred Staff lists
    are available for our on-account corporate clients. That means if you have preferences on staff members that you like the most, we can work with you to continually make sure they are working your events.
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