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Event Staffing In Miami

event staffing miami
Before one can look into hiring an event staffing agency in Miami, it helps to make sure you have a full understanding of what Event Staffing really is.

Event staffing is where you go to a professional employment staffing agency, that is specifically targeted for the hospitality or event industry, in order to hire temporarily vetted and skilled staff for your events.

By events, that can be anything from catering, to small parties, galas, weddings, promotional events, store openings, corporate dinners, fashion shows, movie launches, and more!

Summed up, events can be anything you can possibly think up of where you the host are expecting guests to attend your specific function. It can be a dinner, or a cocktail hour, or something with no food or drink is served, such as a promotional product launch, in which case, you would only need some excellent promotional models or brand ambassadors!
Types of Event Staff for Hire
event staffing in miami
In any good event staffing agency, you will find a wide assortment of talent to choose from. At Julia Valler Event Staffing, we have a staff member for every specific role you may need in the hospitality or event industry. From serving the food and refreshing drinks to greeting your guests, to cleaning and setting up your event, they are each aware of each of their specific roles and duties and get straight to their tasks in an orderly fashion.
Banquet Servers
greet guests, serve food and drink, maintain tables cleanliness.
set up the bar, take drink orders, serve food, greet guests.
keep bar stocked well and clean, supply whatever the bartender needs.
Catering Staff
set up events, serve food and drink, greet guests.
keep areas clean and well-stocked, set up and break down tables.
Cocktail Servers
serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, greet guests, take drink orders.
Bar Captains
oversee bar area, handle any issues that arise in bar areas, handle guest issues.
Promotional Models/Brand Ambassadors
interact and engage with guests, promote products or businesses, answer questions or give demonstrations.
Server Captains
oversee waitstaff, handle any issues that may arise, handle guests' issues.
***We have more event staff available for hire to make your event perfect.
What To Expect from a Great Staff Member
All of the staff at Julia Valler are knowledgeable in their specific crafts and work really well as a cohesive team to get a job done, and done right.

When you are hiring from any event staffing agency, you should expect impeccable guest relation skills, attention to detail, professional attitude and behavior, and a team player.

Without those very basic skills, you could be hiring all the wrong people for the job. Be sure to read client reviews from any event staffing agency you are inquiring about to see how the clients feel about the staff within that agency.

At Julia Valler, our staff is so revered, that we have guests who specifically request their absolute favorites, time and time again, for all of their events!
staffing for events in miami
About Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency
At Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency,
we have been a contender in this industry for almost a decade. We first established our agency in 2013 in NYC, and due to our team's dedication, hard work, and client success, we opened a sister location in Miami in 2021.

Our agency is ever-expanding and growing, and we are excited for our future, for both our company and winning the hearts and minds of new clients every day with Julia Valler excellence.
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