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Everything You Need to Know About Event Staffing in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 17th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Have you ever wondered how to get started in event staffing in LA? We will discuss with you all the information you need to know to locate and hire the best event staffing in Los Angeles without feeling overwhelmed. Get ready to start planning your next great event with us!

What is Event Staffing

event staff la
If you've ever wondered 'What is Event Staff', it is a helpful service provided by a professional staffing agency for employing skilled labor to tend to your various events' hospitality needs. This service is useful for event planners, individual party planners, and corporate entities. Anyone that is planning an event that is offering food or drink service or is focused on promotions, will need to seek out skilled services from professional top event staffing agencies for supplying excellent event staff for hire.

    Types of Event Staff

    There are many different types of event staff for hire in LA that you can benefit from to help you in your next planned event.
    Waitstaff - Having highly qualified, skilled, and trained waitstaff to serve your food and graciously greet your guests is an absolute necessity.
    Bartenders - Find yourself the best bartenders for hire in LA to make killer drinks and serve up some fresh and delicious ideas while entertaining and gathering your guests around the bar for great service with a smile.
    Bussers - Absolutely critical to a successful event, you need trained and experienced bussers to stay on top of the event for cleanliness and excellence in service so that the timeline of your event passes as smoothly as possible.
    Promotional Models - Have a business about to open, or an amazing new product you want to launch in a big way? Hire promotional models to get you the attention you deserve and create a professional and buzz-filled atmosphere at your next promo event.
    Bar Captains - If you have a large enough event where you need more than one bartender or bar, you would be in good hands with a Bar Captain to oversee the bar staff and satellite bars to ensure quality of service and speed.
    Server Captains - Server captains are an absolute must for large-scale events such as weddings and galas. You need that extra set of eyes to gain an accurate and professional perspective on the foodservice of your event.
    There are many more options available for hire, ask one of our knowledgeable Account Executives with recommendations for event staffing in LA!

    What Does a Professional Event Staff Do For Your Event

    Event staffing in Los Angeles is all about finding the best people for the job. And part of finding the best people is knowing exactly what that professional event staff does for your event. The event staff is there to help set up your event, greet your guests warmly, offer great customer service whether directly at a table, at a buffet, or simply on a passed tray of hor d'oeuvres, maintain a clean space, keep the flow of the event moving nicely, and to help break down the event. Depending on the style and complexity of your event, the duties will vary.
      event staffing in la

      How To Hire Event Staff in LA

      So you want to know how to hire event staff in Los Angeles and don't know where to begin? It's easy, the best thing you can do in your search efforts is to find the best-rated Event Staffing Company in Los Angeles in a google search. If you do, you will see Julia Valler Event Staffing right at the top of the heap.

      Many people have made the mistake of trying to find event staffing in LA by placing an ad on an online job site or posting an ad to Craigslist or some other platform, or the old route of referral from a friend. These are all extremely risky ways to find event staffing services in LA, mainly because you really do now know what you will get as far as quality, skill, and professionalism, until the day of your event.

      A truly great source for event staff for hire in Los Angeles is through a trusted top staffing agency like Julia Valler. You need staff that possesses event staff skills, have a firm understanding of event staff responsibilities and are willing to go the extra mile in order to please your guests and ultimately you, the client.

      About Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency in LA

      To find the best staffing for events for those of you looking to hire from one of the leading event staffing agencies in LA, look no further than Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency. It is no wonder that our agency has been sought out after and hired repeatedly by some of the most recognized brand names in the world such as Chanel, Coach, Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, Disney, The MET, and more!

      Here are some of the many reasons we remain at the top of the list in Event Staffing Services from our competitors.
      Top Model Quality Talent
      Our services include skill and top tier presence to make your event stand out at a whole other level.

      Vetted & Verified
      Our employees are thoroughly vetted to verify their backgrounds, work history, skill sets, and work behavior. Only 7% of our applicants make the cut to join our ranks!

      Account Executives Available
      We understand that the hiring process can seem daunting at first, so we provide highly experienced and competent Account Executives to guide you through the process from start to finish.

      Instant Quote
      We understand budgets are very important to our clients, which is why we offer quotes immediately to better serve your organizational needs.

      W2 Employees
      No contractual hire complications when dealing with our staff, all of our staff is hired directly by Julia Valler as W2 employees.

      Uniform Selection
      We offer to our clients to select from our chic and elegant uniforms for our staff to wear. From casual to runway, we have the uniform to match.

      Book your event staff now at Julia Valler Event Staffing - LA

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