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What uniform should you choose for your wait staff for hire in Miami and NYC?

Julia Valler Event Staffing is a premier hospitality staffing agency in NYC and Miami providing services for upscale private and corporate events. 

Serving high-end clientele comes with the responsibility of leaving no detail amiss. So in addition to setting and upholding the highest standards for skills and customer service, we are also being very thorough when it comes to our team’s polished and professional presentation, including grooming guidelines and uniforms. 

Why should wait staff for hire wear uniforms?

Firstly, there are practical reasons. Servers and bartenders for hire do a lot of lifting, carrying, navigating tight spaces both in the back of the house and on the banquet floor, and often walking on uneven or slippery surfaces. Clothes that allow for movement and comfortable non-slippery shoes become a must.

Secondly, there is a visual element. Beautifully designed banquets call for a neat, clean look easily expressed through the uniform. Additionally, uniforms allow guests to easily identify wait staff for hire in the crowd when they need something. 

What are the most popular uniform options?

  • All-black Uniform - consists of a black button-down shirt, black dress pants, stylish skinny tie, black leather belt, and black dress shoes. It’s a great option for both servers for hire and bartenders for hire. This uniform is a good fit for just about any setting or occasion, and it’s possible to wear it for some light setup without getting messy.

  • White & Black Uniform - same as above, but with a white button-down shirt instead of the black one. This combination looks great in light, airy environments and is a good choice for outdoor events. It is also a commonly requested option for wedding servers and bartenders.

Pencil Skirt Uniform - a versatile option for the waitresses or promotional models and looks great at cocktail parties. It can be worn with either black or white button-down and is complemented by black ballet flats or black heels.

  • Jeans Uniform - great choice for some casual outdoor events. It is frequently requested for our promotional models. It could be worn with a white or black t-shirt, blue or black jeans, and sneakers. Alternatively, you can provide a branded t-shirt for our models to wear.

  • Black Dress Uniform - this elegant uniform is a good fit for female promo models, event greeters, booth attendants, and hospitality events with a formal dress code. It could be worn with black ballet flats or heels, depending on the occasion.

When to use a Bespoke Uniform?

Bespoke Uniforms are fully customized by the clients. This type of uniform certainly looks memorable and puts the spotlight on the models or hospitality staff. It is a great choice for brand ambassadors in the speaking roles, as well as models or catering staff working at fashion events and displaying pieces from the collection.

At Julia Valler Event Staffing, we offer the selection of all the uniforms mentioned above and are happy to suggest the best option for you, just ask your Account Representative!

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