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How Partnering with a Hospitality Staffing Agency Benefits Your Grand Opening Celebration in NYC

The grand opening of a new business is a valuable marketing opportunity. Whether it’s a new hotel, restaurant, bar, store, showroom, or spa salon, creating a memorable brand experience will guarantee to attract some loyal customers from day one.

Brand experience generally includes 3 aspects: Product Experience, Shopping and Service Experience, and Consumption Experience. Each aspect should be designed with your target audience in mind and emphasize your brand’s voice and personality. 

Finding the right event staff, such as promotional models, servers, and bartenders for hire can truly enhance your guests’ service experience and anchor a positive first impression. Below are a few ideas about how partnering with a reputable hospitality staffing agency can benefit your grand opening celebration.

1. Request Promotional Models

Promotional models, brand ambassadors, greeters, and other event models are an important human element of your live campaign. Imagine a smiley face greeting your guest or potential client at the entrance. It already sets a positive mood for the experience ahead. Promotional models can be positioned throughout the event space to hand out flyers and product samples, perform live demonstrations, answer questions, and create other interactive opportunities.

2. Offer Bartending Services

With the addition of a bar, your grand opening is now a real party. While setting it up requires some additional planning and sourcing, the idea is worth it. It will put your guests in a celebratory mood and give them a reason to stay awhile. A good hospitality staffing agency will provide you with qualified professional bartenders for hire who will take care of all the setup, service, and breakdown duties. And your invitees will appreciate having a cocktail to sip on while experiencing your product or offering.

3. Add Catering

To complete your event experience, consider finding a caterer or a private chef and offering small bites throughout the evening. Canapes and other one-bite hors d'œuvres, as well as miniature desserts, are always a crowd-pleaser. Just like the beverages, food offerings greatly increase the chances of your guests lingering longer. Think stronger brand connections and more exposure such as streams of social media posts. Ask your partner event staffing agency to provide enough servers for hire (they should be able to help you figure out the right number based on your guest count) and bussers to keep the event space clean.

Julia Valler Event Staffing, a hospitality staffing NYC-based agency, has been offering premier event staffing services to New York City brands since 2007. Our clients include Chanel, Alexander Wang, Fenty, Nike, Disney, and other premier brands from the fashion, sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries. Our promotional models and wait staff for hire are known for being personable and professional. And you can hand-pick the staff that represents your brand’s identity best by using our convenient online photo and video casting service that allows you to preview each candidate’s experience, photos, and short video introductions from the comfort of your location.

Contact us today to request Julia Valler hospitality staffing NYC services for your upcoming grand opening!
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