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How to Hire an Event Staff Team

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /October 18nd, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Looking to hire an event staff team but don't even know how to get started? You are not alone! We get it, hiring an event staff team can seem overwhelming to most people who have never done this before.

So to help you, we have put together a list of our top tips for how to build the perfect event staff team for your next event. If you follow these tips, you are on your way to creating an event that your guests and you will remember for years to come!

Tips on How to Build a Staff Team for Your Event in LA

Select Event Staff Team in Advance
  • The early bird truly does get the worm. If you want to have all of our staffing options available to you, choose your event staff team as soon as you can. Many people are booking events of all different kinds, and the top talent often gets whisked away from the start. Plus, during busy holiday seasons, parties and events are happening in greater numbers, and you may find yourself out of luck when it comes to sourcing quality staffing talent. So don't put yourself in a bind, with a limited selection or no options at all.
Choose a Team Leader First
  • If you have a great team leader, your event staff team will fall neatly in line. You can have the most extraordinary talent for staff, but if their event captain is inexperienced, or not present at all because you forgot to hire one, you are putting yourself in a risky situation.

    Staff members often need direction, especially when it comes to preparing events that involve more than one kind of staff member. You need someone in charge to coordinate and oversee to make sure that the timeline is being followed, the tasks are all being met, and the quality is peerless.
Correctly Сount the Number of Staff
  • Almost as bad as not having good staff, is not having enough of them. It is important that you make sure you have enough staff to take care of your particular style and size event. Too many means you are blowing your budget, but too little means that your guests will receive less than adequate service.
  • Choose Event Staff With the Right Experience
    Make sure that the event staff team you hire has the right kind of experience and the right amount of experience. You want to ensure that they know how to do their job efficiently and effectively.
  • It's Best to Trust the Event Staff Agency
    Don't leave choosing your event staff team to the amateurs, always source your talent from a trusted event staff agency that is experienced and highly acclaimed.

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  • Julia Valler has been the go-to source for staffing for events since 2013. Our Los Angeles event staffing agency opened its doors after immense success with our sister locations in both NYC and Miami.

    We offer event staffing services of the highest caliber to our clients. We take our commitment to service excellence very seriously, and it reflects in our careful talent recruiting process where we only choose the very best talent
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