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Top 5 Questions about How to Hire Bartenders for Party in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / March 24th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
There are probably many of you out there who have or are going to need to hire a bartender for a party in Miami. But you aren't quite sure about where to start, where to look, and what qualities you should look for when determining who to hire.

When you hire a bartender for a party, your first step is to get an idea of how many guests you are expecting to invite and how many will actually attend. From there you can decide if you only need 1 bartender or for larger groups if 2 would be a better idea. Keep your budget also in the forefront of your mind and have clear goals and requests to ask when seeking out talent. Do you have a specific bar menu in mind for your party? Or do you want the bartender to create some ideas? Or do you just want full bar service?

These pre-planning specifics plus the following list of questions will put you on the right path forward to hire a bartender for a party in Miami.

Top 5 Questions to Ask
When You Hire a Bartender

# 1 Why should I hire bartenders for a party?

hire bartenders for party miami
You should hire a bartender for a home party and you should also hire a bartender for a private party. You should hire a bartender for any occasion that involves having some sauce served in a chilled glass. The reason is, you want to celebrate and have a good time at your own event. You don't want to be the one trying to learn to pour drinks or having a friend or family member try to hash it out the best they can and make some weak margaritas. The least stressful arrangement is the best one.

Now when you hire professional bartending services, your party just got kicked up a notch and your guests will be completely impressed and also relieved that they will actually be able to detect alcohol in their drinks instead of just tasting mixer.

# 2 How many bartenders should I hire for my party?

Don't make the mistake of under-hiring, especially if you have a big event and expect crowds. You hire the king or queen of bartending, and they will crumble if you overwhelm them because you wanted to save a buck and only hire one.

The rule of thumb is for a Wine/Beer bar service, which is a pretty simple operation and 1 bartender for every 75 guests is the recommendation. Now for a full bar operation, meaning anything and everything is available to order as far as drinks, 1 bartender is recommended for every 50 guests.

Other thoughts you should ponder are do I need a barback? Would a bar captain be necessary if I hire more than one bartender? These are questions to keep in mind when you hire from an event staffing agency and to ask their professional opinion on your particular style event.

# 3 Should I hire licensed bartenders for Miami parties?

This is a GREAT question, and it really depends on the state you live in. For the state of Florida, you are not required to have a licensed bartender at your Miami party. But consider this, if you hire a bartender for a private event and they DO have those licenses think that they are taking their profession a lot more seriously as opposed to those who do not. It's an extra thing to have that is only a positive benefit for you. But in reality, not legally required.
hire bartenders for party miami

# 4 Where to find bartenders for a party in Miami?

When looking for a bartender in Miami for your next party, the best place to find talent is through a professional event staffing agency that has the notoriety, the tenure, and the accolades from previous happy clients, to entrust hiring staff from. An event staffing agency like Julia Valler possesses all of these attributes and many more with our exemplary professional bartending staff.

# 5 How to check the qualifications of a bartender?

hire bartenders for party miami
When you are looking for a bartender for hire in Miami, it is important to make sure that you are getting the best quality for your investment. The bar is a central part of almost every event you can think of. When you hire through a recognized and professional event staffing agency, the qualifications of the entire staff have already been thoroughly vetted and checked. So you can relax when you hire through Julia Valler and know that your bartenders have the top skills they need to perform their job.

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