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Hire Ideal Models for Your Corporate Event

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / January 19th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
When it comes to staffing your next corporate event, you would be wise to hire models to bring a certain elegance and class, as well as a high level of distinction to your event. Models do more than work fashion shoots and advertise products, they can be used for a variety of services to lend their beauty and brains to making your event one to remember.

A corporate event planner should hire models to work its events as they can be the face of your brand, and with it, give it a certain level of respect and seriousness that would otherwise not be there.

What Models Do at Corporate Events

When you hire models to work your corporate event, they can offer up a variety of services for your benefit, including:
  • Welcome Event Attendees - having an elegant face directing your guests to where they need to go at your event, will give your corporate event an air of world-class.
  • The Face of the Company - they can present products and services and be the face that represents the image the company wishes to convey to the public.
  • Marketing Materials/Demonstrations - If you need to hand out any company marketing materials and branding information to people when you hire models, they are the perfect way to guarantee that people will take what they offer and give it more attention than they otherwise would. In addition, a model can give product or service demonstrations so your corporate event attendees can see in person what you are offering.

How to Сhoose the Ideal Models for Events

  • Appearance
    You want a visually attractive individual who will naturally draw attention to your event, and who also matches the brand's target audience and who they would identify the most with.
  • Personality
    They need to have a lively and animated personality that is extroverted and full of charisma. Energetic and naturally happy people create a very positive environment that increases the energy of those around them. This positive force can create events that are very successful and enjoyable for your guests.
  • Experience
    When you hire models, it is imperative that you select those who have experience working the type of event you require. This means that you are gaining a staff member that is not just a pretty face but understands the level of professionalism and your own objectives that you wish to accomplish with the event.

Julia Valler Provides Professional and Charming Promo Models in Miami

Without a doubt, Julia Valler has some of the top promo models in Miami. Our models for hire are utter professionals who are fully committed to creating a successful business relationship with our clients from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on handpicking the very best staffing for events so that our client's needs are not only met but exceeded by a factor of 10. Our event staffing in Miami has received critical acclaim, and not to mention has a brag-worthy client list of famous names such as Coach, Chanel, Gucci, Ferrari, Puma, Disney, and more!

Don't wait another moment to bring your corporate event to the next level! Hire models from Julia Valler today! Contact us for more information on how to get started.
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