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10 Things to Keep in Mind when You Hire Servers in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / January 31th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
There are many different occasions that one may find themselves in, that demand a need to hire servers in NYC. If you are an event planner with a wedding to coordinate, or a caterer providing food for a fashion event, or perhaps a restaurant looking to fill in your scheduling gaps, or maybe just an individual looking to throw an amazing birthday party, all of these circumstances demand that you hire servers that are capable, knowledgeable, and reliable enough to make your next event a total success.

10 Things Wait Staff Agencies Know about Hiring Wait Staff in NYC

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Having a professional staffing agency at the helm of the wait staff hiring process is going to save you a lot of trouble compared with you trying to hire servers all on your own. There are many details that you could overlook just because you don't have the direct experience of what to expect, what to be cautious of, and what other preparations you need to make when finding waitstaff for hire.
Hiring Regulations
You need contracts for any employee that you staff, for legal purposes to protect both yourself and the employee. This can be a complicated issue, and for the inexperienced, if you leave a single small detail out, it could be detrimental to you legally. Having an experienced and well-tenured agency providing you with their own contracted staff eliminates the issues of individual contracts. All of the staff at Julia Valler are W2 employees, so you do not have the headache of contract hiring staff. We also insure our staff so you don't need to worry about that either!
Experienced in Hiring
To a wait staff agency, hiring and recruiting staff is just another day on the job. An agency is always going to be more thorough than an individual looking to hire staff on their own. At Julia Valler we thoroughly vet all of our staff to check their backgrounds, work history, work behaviors, and skill levels specific to their trade. We guarantee that our staff is completely prepared to handle the job at hand, and will do it very satisfactorily.
Knows the Business of Hospitality
A professional staffing agency knows what to look for as far as experience in finding servers for hire, and what skills are critical to their job performance. At Julia Valler, we know the questions to ask our job candidates to see how knowledgeable they truly are.
Works Within Your Set Budget
A great staffing agency will always work within your established event budget so as not to overextend you financially beyond what you can manage when you start to hire event staff. So for staffing, that is always in the back of the mind of any agency, to recommend what will suit you best, based on the important factor of not impeding on your financial outline.
No Additional Job Training Needed
Because you are hiring through an experienced agency, you don't have to worry about the need to train staff to work your particular style of event. Whether it's a sit-down dinner, buffet, cocktail party, promotional event, or wedding, our staff is experienced in working with a multitude of event styles of all shapes and sizes!
No Worrying About No-Calls or No-Shows!
If you are working with an experienced agency, they understand that people can get sick and things can happen last minute. With Julia Valler, we have an extensive roster of employees that we can fill in any last-minute emergency staffing gaps that may or may not occur. You won't have to scramble to find someone last minute, we will take care of that for you!
Schedule Handling
It can be a complicated process to hire staff to make sure they are available on your event date. If you need multiple staff members, and agency can clearly state the events' expectations as far as obligations to the staff and make sure that everyone is showing up as expected.
Scouting the Best Talent
If you choose an agency, they will have the resources to look for the best talent, whether recruiting in an advertisement or getting internal recommendations from other trusted staff members. It's a continual process of sourcing the best candidates for the position. With an agency like Julia Valler, you can trust that you are getting the best staff for your event.
Enforced Grooming Standards
We know that not everyone comes to the job dressed to impress, and we make sure that all of our staff look polished and are very presentable. Our roster of employees that we offer at Julia Valler have model-quality looks and are wearing freshly cleaned and pressed Julia Valler uniforms at all times at work. With these uniforms, you can hand-select what style you prefer when you hire through our agency.
Team Organization
When we hire, we organize our wait staff service completely so that they coordinate and work as a cohesive team, and get the job done and done right. When you hire wait staff individually on your own, you are hiring people unfamiliar with not only each other but working together. At Julia Valler, we hire not just based on skill sets and experience, but on who can get along and work best with others.

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