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9 Traits of Top-class
Hospitality Staffing in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / March 1st, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you are looking for the best kind of hospitality staffing in Miami, then you need to start your search from a reliable source of employees in this specific industry. That means hiring from a hospitality staffing agency. Hiring from an agency guarantees that you are getting hospitality staff who have the exact experience, training, and skill sets particular to your needs.

What is Hospitality Staffing

hospitality staffing in miami
Hospitality staffing is hiring employees who have direct experience working in restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, and other hospitality event-related industries. This particular line of staff has all the required food safety, beverage training, and any other certifications specific to their trade in order to work efficiently and safely. The types of hospitality staff can include waitstaff, bartenders, bussers, server captains, brand ambassadors, cocktail servers, and more!

9 Traits of Professional Hospitality Staffing

They possess impeccable customer service skills.
They know exactly what their responsibilities are when they are hired for their role.
They work extremely well in a team.
They are the first ones to jump in and offer assistance in order to handle a situation.
They have had excellent training.
They are punctual and always show up early to a job.
They not only help set up but also help clean up and break down afterwards.
They come to the job looking highly polished and presentable in a clean uniform.
They are always looking to improve themselves.

What Can a Hospitality Staffing Agency Do for Your Business

A hospitality staffing agency can offer the following benefits for your business:
  • The background & work experience of the staff is fully vetted for accuracy.

  • Additional training is provided to the staff.

  • Flexibility and ability to provide additional staff in an emergency scenario

  • Planning and coordination for staffing purposes.

  • Professional uniform selection to choose from.

  • A full roster of talent that has experience in a multitude of hospitality businesses.

  • Hiring W2 employees of an agency, not having to hire contract employees.
hospitality staffing in miami

Why Choose Julia Valler
Hospitality Staffing

Julia Valler has been the leading choice in hospitality staffing in Miami for finding waiters for hire, waitresses for hire, among several other hospitality staff positions that are very much in demand.

Our agency stands out from our competitors because of the following reasons:
Available Anytime
We understand unexpected staffing emergencies can happen and we work quickly to help address all of your last-minute staffing needs.
Highly Skilled Staff
We hire the cream of the crop- our hiring process is very selective in that only 7% of applicants are chosen to be a part of our team.
Immediate Quote
Your budget is important and we work with you to staff within your financial parameters.
Remote Staff Selection Process
From your sofa or office, you can handpick your staff from photos, video clips, and resumes.
Professional Account Executives
Our executive team is on standby to assist you in any way to make the hiring process as seamless as possible.
Uniform Choice
We offer you an array of uniforms to choose from depending on your specific event type.
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