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How a Bartender Can Make or Break a Party

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / January 27th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Bartenders for hire in Miami come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities. The top-of-the-line bartenders for hire are of the caliber of talent that creates effortless bespoke party environments with their enamoring charm, quick service, and killer cocktails. Your party can be the sensation of the year for your guests if you get the right bartender for hire behind the bar to shake up your cocktails and pour out great service with passion and pride. But on the same token, having the wrong bartender for your party can just as easily stir up a party disaster in no time at all.
How a Bad Bartender Can Break Your Party
Here are some of the many ways that hiring a bad bartender for hire can ruin your otherwise perfectly organized party.
  • No Guest Service Skills - They do not anticipate the guests' needs to offer what services they may need ahead of time. They also lack the ability to give the attention and follow-thru that good service requires.
  • Lack of Professionalism - They fail to arrive at work on time, come to work unprepared, and in general do not take their job responsibilities seriously.
  • Poor Hygiene and Presentation - They arrive on the job not in uniform, or in a uniform that is dirty, and they haven't shaved, brushed their hair or teeth, or performed other basic grooming tasks.
  • Inexperienced at Bartending - Their resume said they were a solid "10", but in reality, they are a meager "3". They don't know how to prepare basic cocktails, seem to have no advanced, much less basic foundational knowledge of liquor and spirits in general, and appear to look lost behind the bar.
How a Good Bartender Can Make Your Party
A great bartender for hire is like a ticket to heaven. You can put them behind the bar blindfolded and they will whip up fantastical drinks and create an amazing energy that your guests will be magnetically drawn towards. Here are some of the many ways a good bartender will make your party a hit.
  • Dressed for Success - They come in a pressed and clean uniform, clean shaven, hair pulled back, with an air of elegance and ease, ready to take on your event with steady hands.
  • Professional Always - They know that it is their responsibility to be mindful of the way they conduct themselves on the job, and more than that, they take pride in the way they are viewed by guests and clients and act accordingly.
  • Gift for Gab - They are social butterflies, able to converse easily with the guests, all while still paying attention to the rest of the guests and not letting anyone feel ignored. This careful balance of charm and maintaining a high level of service can only be found in the best bartenders.
  • Multi-task Masters - A good bartender for hire knows how to juggle many tasks at once. They can shake a cocktail shaker while taking a drink order while looking over the bar to see if one of the guests is ready to pay or not. This ability to have all eyes on everything is key!

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