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How to Rent a Professional Bartender Near Me in Miami

Rent a bartender in Miami
Whether you have a private event, corporate event, or promotional event in Miami, looking for the perfect bartender to handle your important day, is a crucial element of the party planning process.

There are several different avenues you can take to rent a bartender, from advertising your needs on Craigslist to googling different resources for hiring such as thumbtack.com or gigsalad.com. Reaching out to friends and family for known contacts is another method.

All of these are viable options that many people use, often to their own detriment.

The main issue with going through a random gig site or hiring your fathers-nephews-cousins-next-door neighbor to be your wedding bartender for over 500 guests, you may want to consider something a little more...trustworthy.

Why Staffing Agencies are the Best Route for Hiring Bartenders

The main reason and also the best reason to rent your next events bartender with an event staffing agency such as Julia Valler is — peace of mind. You don't have to worry about your candidates' questionable skill level and training because all of our bartenders in our event staffing agency are fully vetted and given additional training to ensure a certain standard of top-notch level of professional service.

You won't be put in a compromising situation of bringing in a total stranger to your important day without knowing what to expect from that person. All of our bartenders and any of our waitstaff you hire are subjected to thorough background checks. We examine and look into all of their previous work experience and references as well as personal and professional behaviors.

On the day of your event, the most horrifying thing that can go wrong and has gone wrong for many an event planner, is the event staff not showing up or calling out sick last minute. This is the stuff of nightmares for anyone with the pressure of making sure their day is perfect. Now if you rent an individual bartender on your own, you will have to scramble to see if you can find anyone in time to fill in that gap. With a professional event staffing agency such as us, our waitstaff is committed to showing up on time and if a circumstance were to arise that they were to get ill, we have such a vast supply of talent that we can easily and quickly replace that bartender or waitstaff member with another equally skilled and talented individual.

Cheaper Does Not Mean Better

Sure, there are ways to cut corners and budget yourself for spending less money on a bartender through gig service sites or through known contacts. But the saying holds true, that when you pay ten dollars for a haircut, you look like you got a ten-dollar haircut. Meaning, if you choose to save money by hiring a gig worker for your event, you risk everything else that can cost you way more. More important than the money, it can cost you your entire events success if you rent unreliable bartending services.

So do yourself the favor and save yourself the heartache, contact one of our Account Executives with your plans and questions, and leave the rest to our expertise and 13 years of industry knowledge.
Not only do you rent a professional bartender, you have peace of mind

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