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How to Hire Bartender for Wedding in Miami

how to hire bartender for wedding
Want to know how to hire a bartender for your wedding in Miami? Look no further than a reliable event staffing agency for all of your wedding staffing needs. Finding a bartender for your big day can feel like a daunting task. But with a tenured agency like Julia Valler, your worries can be put to rest.

The risk wedding planners and couples take when hiring a bartender for a wedding is many go the route of choosing a family friend or trying to hire their own bartender thru a job board or gig site. You have no way of verifying who you are hiring and what their professionalism and skill levels are when you choose these options. You will not find out if the bartender you hire this way, can actually handle the job requirements involved, until the day of your wedding. This is a horrible predicament to find yourself in.

So don't be stuck wondering how to hire a bartender for a wedding-give us a call as soon as you have a date for your event, and one of our eager and skilled Account Executives will get you started and provide you with an immediate quote!

Why Choose A Staffing Agency

Now, when you choose to select your bartender from a top Miami staffing agency, all of the vetting work has been done for you. At Julia Valler Staffing Agency, we thoroughly check our applicants' backgrounds, skill levels, work experience, job performance, and personalities/behaviors. We don't leave anything to guesswork. After the applicants have passed the preliminary application process, the successful ones are then invited to do a multi-tier interview and are given a test for the job they are applying for.

This is the reason why only 7% of the applicants Julia Valler receives, actually become employees. We demand a certain level of performance and knowledge of our staff, and in turn, we can guarantee a high level of client satisfaction with our event staffing.

How Far in Advance Should One Hire a Bartender

The general rule of thumb is, as soon as you have your event date locked in, to then begin your bartender selection process with us. However, because we have a large selection of talented staff at our fingertips, we are able to provide emergency staffing services. When the staff member you hired either with us or outside of our agency gets sick, we can supply a substitute immediately, or if your guest count suddenly increases, we can also supply the necessary additional staff.

Julia Valler Staffing Advantages

  • Our staff is highly trained and exceptionally skilled with elegant poise and behavior.
  • We have professional Account Executives to give our clients a one on one experience with the hiring and planning process.
  • Our agency has been among the best in the industry in NYC since 2013 and Miami since 2021.
  • We provide our own professional and pressed uniforms for your staff selections and can accommodate any specific uniform requests you may have.
  • We do more than just staffing! We have great relationships with many rental vendors and also can supply alcohol, mixers, ice, tools, and other bar supplies for your bar needs.
  • Remote online staff selection option to provide clients with ease of access and protection during these uncertain times.
  • We work with reputable rental companies and can provide additional party rental assistance if you require bar services or any other requirements.

How Many Bartenders Will I Need for my Event?

We have learned through years of experience the numbers game of calculating staff to guest ratios for guaranteed service success. For bartenders we have the following staffing recommendation:
Wine & Beer Bar
1 Bartender per 75 guests
Full Bar
1 Bartender per 50 guests
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