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How to hire wedding servers for the most important day of your life

hire servers for wedding in Miami
So you have your big wedding day ahead of you, and like a lot of other people, you are working within a budget. The most common mistake that a lot of people make when trying to save a bridal buck, is they think they will save more money if they do everything themselves, including hiring wedding servers.

Enter bridezilla. Please, please do not go this route. It sounds like a master plan theoretically, but in actuality, you will end up spending the same amount of time, money, energy, and your body weight in Alka Seltzer tablets and quite literally just drive yourself stark raving mad, then if you had actually just left it in the hands of the professionals. Why? Professionals have the experience and the level of access that you just do not have. They also know how to coordinate, time everything, plan for worst-case scenarios and deal with insurmountable pressure.
You, unfortunately, are not as experienced with dealing with these things, and it's even more likely to cause you a nervous breakdown because it's your own big day you are planning for.
Vizcaya Museum wedding servers
So our recommendation is to pause, think, take a deep breath, and get on the phone and hire a professional. Have your budget of course tucked neatly in your mind, but communicate it with that professional and figure out how to make it work to hire your wedding servers and anything else you may require.

What Can a Professional Event Staffing Agency Like Julia Valler Help With?

Vizcaya Museum wedding
Fun fact- EVERYTHING! At Julia Valler, we have been successfully staffing and providing additional rental supplies for weddings and events of all kinds, small and grandiose since 2013. Full stop. We rub shoulders with the clients like Gucci, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., and other well-recognized and top-tier brands. These companies hire from our services because we are considered the best of the best and provide exemplary customer service and top-quality server talent of all kinds to staff their events.

For weddings, we provide exactly the same level of service and excellence in staff including wedding servers, as we do to those big clients, and here are some of the many ways we can help you with your wedding day planning.
    Contact our Account Executives to get an idea of how many staff members you will need and what kind.
    Find out if you need any support staff, ie. Bussers, Barbacks, Coat Check, Captains, etc.
    Discuss Uniform options that we offer, we also work with custom requests.
    Last-minute staffing needs in case your wedding size increases the day before.

    How Many Wedding Servers
    Do I Need?

    Vizcaya Museum wedding servers in Miami
    This is probably one of the more important facts to find out when you are planning a wedding reception because you need to make sure that your event is following a very smooth timeline. So when the food is ready, it's being expedited to all of your guests in an efficient manner so that no one is left out or getting cold food.

    The general recommended guidelines for the number of servers to staff is as follows:
      Formal Service (with multiple courses served)
      1-2 servers per 10-12 guests
      Basic Sit Down Menu or Buffet Service
      1 server per 25 guests
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