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How to Write an Event Staff Resume

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / September 16th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Have you ever wondered how you can write a better resume to land event staff jobs? It's important to write a quality resume that helps you stand out from the competition and that highlights your best attributes.

Make it concise, and well thought out, and revamp it as many times as you deem necessary until it is perfect. Event staff jobs are both high in demand and also highly competitive, so give this task your full attention and writing abilities!

We will show you the best tips on writing an event staff resume that is sure to attract attention and land you a top event staff job!
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Tips on how to write a good resume for event staff jobs

Mention Important Details - Contact Information and Licenses
Make sure you provide your current phone number, email, mailing address, driver's license information, and other important details that let employers have the best accurate information about how to reach you.
Post a Professional Photo
People are extremely visually oriented and having a photo that portrays you in your professional uniform allows the event planner an opportunity to see how you appear on the job. Make sure your photo is current and displays you in a clean and pressed uniform. Looking your best is important!
Enter the number of years of catering experience, bartending experience, and restaurant experience as well as the companies you worked for in each of those areas
The most obvious part of a resume is your work experience. Be specific about the type of event staffing experience you have had, whether it was for catering, banquet, fine dining, or any other category. Tell how long you were working in each capacity and the names of companies that you worked for. The more specifics you can offer, the better your odds of getting hired for event staff jobs.
Be sure to list all the languages you speak
Are you bilingual, or tri-lingual? Great! Show that off as that is an important highlight that some employers may desire. Being able to speak English fluently and mastering another language is impressive all around and speaks of your intelligence.
Be sure to indicate that you have the right to work in the United States
Employers want to know that you are legally able to perform the job, so make sure you mention that you have the ability to do so.
Enter your age or date of birth. Age is important, so often work involves serving alcohol
It may seem unnecessary, but sometimes from a photo, employers can not determine your exact age. This can become important for event staff jobs that require you to serve alcohol. So make sure you mention this important detail.
List your personal qualities
This is where you can enumerate the many ways that potential event staff jobs would benefit from having you as a staff member, so don't be shy! Are you a great leader? Do you work well with a team? Do you have great wine knowledge? These and more are examples of what you can illustrate in this section of your resume.
List Your Hours of Availability so Employers Know Your Level of Commitment
Most jobs are part-time, but letting the employer know your availability to work for them, helps them adequately plan on how many staff members they need to take on to fill their slots. Over exaggerating your availability and then backing out of scheduling when your employer needs you, is beneficial to no one.

How to find the perfect event staff job in NYC

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