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If you have a special occasion or event that you are planning soon in Miami, and you are thinking of incorporating a bar to give your guests a real full-service experience, then you will need to find a reliable private party bartender for hire.

You can go through the run-of-the-mill search on job or gig sites, or even sequester the services of a family friend or colleague. But the truth is that if you go through the recruitment process without competent help, you are putting yourself and your event at risk.

Hire your Next Private Party Bartender Through Our Agency

There are so many advantages to hiring private party bartenders through a reputable staffing agency such as Julia Valler, that it's almost impossible to list them all.

Julia Valler Staffing Agency is one of the leading top staffing agencies in the New York Metro area since 2013 and also in Miami since 2021. We have been providing leading talent including bartenders for both private and corporate events with great success to our clients.

Our bartenders are selected based on their impeccable work record, they are provided by our agency with additional training to even further their skill levels, and they are experts in wine and beer knowledge and crafting drinks.

You won't have to worry about your staff members showing up late or at all, calling in sick, acting unprofessionally, or proving to lack the necessary skills they claimed to have. With an agency they are guaranteed to be trained, skilled, professional, behave accordingly, and dress professionally in clean and pressed uniforms.

Advantages of Using Julia Valler Agency

  • We have an extensive staffing pool within our agency that allows us to provide last-minute staffing services to our clients.
  • Our waitstaff is highly experienced and selected with great care-we only hire 7% of our applicants.
  • Professional, well-groomed, model-quality talent.
  • We offer remote online staffing selections as a convenience for post 2020 era.
  • We have our own selection of professional uniforms for you to select from for your staff to wear.
  • We also are able to work around any custom uniform requests you may have.
  • We work with reputable rental companies and can provide additional party rental assistance if you require bar services or any other requirements.

What Type of Events Can Our Staff Work

We are experienced in staffing any type of private or corporate event from weddings to anniversaries, to cocktail parties, product launch parties, promotional events, birthdays, baby showers — the list goes on and on.

The rule of thumb is, as soon as you have your event date established, give us a call and one of our professional Account Executives will guide you effortlessly through the hiring process.

Skilled Advice For Party Planning

Because our team has worked for almost a decade in our agency, and they also have extensive career knowledge of the hospitality industry, we are able to make excellent staffing and planning recommendations to our clients.

Such as whether or not you will need an additional bar depending on your guest count, how many bartenders, how many barbacks, on hiring bussers or cocktail waitresses these are all suggestions that may be presented to you by one of our Account Executives, depending on the complexity and size of your private party. We are also able to provide alcoholic beverages, mixers, ice, bar setup, etc. Just let our executives know during the planning process so we can incorporate this into your contract!
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