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Promotional Modeling in Miami: Dos and Don'ts

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / April 30th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read

Promotional Modeling is a Key to a Successful Event in Miami

Have you thought of the benefits you could glean when you hire a model for your next event? When you are looking to launch a successful event in Miami you can greatly benefit from using promotional modeling in Miami. Whether you are opening a new location, promoting a new product or business, or some other type of event where you want to target your specific market, Miami promo models are exactly the tool to accomplish your goals.
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7 Things Promo Models Should Always
Do at an Event

There are some common denominators that every Miami brand ambassador or promo model should adhere to when working an event. You want to be sure that when you seek out promotional modeling in Miami, they know exactly what is expected of them on a professional level, and what behaviors are not tolerated at all.

  1. Arrive on Time at the event

  2. Research the client and their products and services

  3. Be an attentive listener

  4. Smile and be engaging

  5. Go all in to represent the brand

  6. Learn the event layout and available resources

  7. Have some conversation starters to use on client

    promotional modeling miami
    Elegant and Model Looking JV Staff

    7 Things Promo Models Should Never Do at an Event

    1. Arrive late

    2. Chew gum on the job

    3. Do not leave your post unattended

    4. Do not bad mouth the competitors

    5. Do not be too quiet or shy

    6. Do not use your cell phone on the job

    7. Do not go overboard with the body perfumes and other toiletries with odor.

    Why Promo Modeling Should be Entrusted to an Agency

    promotional modeling miami
    Properly selected uniforms are of great importance for promotional events
    Like any other staffing for events, you should always entrust finding models for hire, specifically promotional modeling in Miami, with a trusted professional promotional modeling agency.

    You want to know that when you find models for hire or any other event staff in Miami, you are getting the most qualified talent, who has the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to get the job done right.

    A professional brand ambassador agency has already done the exhausting search of finding top-level talent, verified their work history and background, and provided additional training to bring them up to their agency's standards.

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      We have been in the industry of providing staffing for events of all kinds and sizes for nearly a decade. Our mission has always been to exceed our client's expectations of great service and to supply the best staffing solutions.

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