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Top 10 most asked questions about how to rent a bartender in Miami

Rent a bartender in Miami
The bartender is the star of the show for any event you are looking to plan. It is right up there with the furniture rentals and caterer. If you hire a so-so chef for your party or rent a set of chairs that look like something grandma would pick out, that is what your guests will take away in memories from your party. Bad food, bad taste, or bad drinks are NOT what you want to be remembered for, and remembered for all the wrong reasons!

So it is important that you know all that it entails well ahead of time, on how to rent a bartender in Miami to find the best professional match for your needs. We will go over the most asked questions about how to rent a bartender or bartending services in Miami. This will gain your perspective on what will best serve you in your search.

Question #1: What Types of Events Can Bartenders or Bartending Services Work?

This should be an easy answer, ALL of them. A great bartender or bartender services in Miami is capable of handling any event you throw at them. From a small intimate gathering in your home or office to a gala ball, to everything in between. They should be able to adapt effortlessly to the speed of service required, the quantity and type of drinks, all while providing high-caliber service.

Question #2: How Many Bartenders Will I Need?

This depends on a couple of factors. One-how many guests do you anticipate having? And what kind of bar will you have at your event, full bar or partial bar? Typically for a partial bar, it is recommended that you staff 1 bartender per 75 guests and a full bar, 1 bartender per 50 guests.

Question #3: What Other Staff Will My Bar Require?

Rent a bartender in Miami FL
This is up to you and the complexity and volume of your event. If you are already planning due to the number of guests, needing more than 1 bar setup, then a bar back and even a Bar Captain would be advised. The barback will get whatever supplies your bartenders need and keep everything stocked and tidy, and the Bar Captain oversees the flow of things and makes adjustments and coaching to the staff when necessary. Plus deals with any unforeseen occurrences.

Question #4: What Kind of Skills Should I Look For Right Away?

Charisma, Character, and Cocktails. Charisma, because you want someone to effortlessly be able to speak with your guests, carry on conversations in an engaging way, and draw your guests to them in a natural way. Character, because you want someone who is professional, knowledgeable, and holds themselves accountable for their craft and customer service. Lastly, Cocktails, because anyone can pour a drink or pop open a beer, but only the best know-how to perfectly combine mixers, alcohol, and various garnishes in unique and classic ways to create mouth-watering and palate complimenting fare.

Question #5: Is it More Affordable to Hire a Bartender Myself?

Yes but no. You can hire someone on your own, and you may find someone for bargain-basement prices. But consider the quality you are getting and the risk you are taking in hiring someone quite literally from the street. You don't know anything about their background, how they truly perform on the job if they will even show up on time, and what do you do if they are late, or what if they just never show up on your big day at all? You then have an event that's about to go downhill and fast.
Rent a bartender in Miami FL
Cheaper does not mean better. Cheaper means spending money twice. With an agency you know they are already verified by skill, by experience, they come pre-trained, and if for whatever reason they get sick, you can get an immediate substitute from that staffing agency.
Question #6: Do I Need to Provide Them With Uniforms?
If you hire from an agency, the agency should supply their own uniforms for the staff. You do not have to provide this unless you try to hire your own bartender from a gig site or demand that they dress a certain way.

Question #7: When Should I Hire a Bartender?

You should hire as soon as your event date is set, ideally. However, an agency usually offers more flexibility due to rosters of talent, in being able to accommodate you for last-minute staffing emergencies. Keep in mind, the staff is short everywhere during holiday seasons, so the earlier you hire the better!
Question #8: Can I Hire a Bartender With Special Skills?
There are bartenders available that you can hire that offer flair, but consider that they will be more expensive than traditional bartenders and more scarce. Also, flair tends to slow down service considerably since they are focusing on doing all that tossing and flipping instead of just shaking and pouring a drink.
Question #9: Do I Need to Provide the Alcohol or Bar Tools or Can That Be Provided For Me?
Rent a bartender in Miami FL
This depends on where you hire your bartender, and if it is from an agency that offers additional services for rentals and bar setup. Most bartenders have their own tools, but again if you are hiring on your own, from a cousin's nephew's neighbor, you don't know what they have to use, and if they even know how to use it. Plus, you can count on supplying all the alcohol and mixers plus ice. Through an agency, you can inquire about bar packages, which cuts down on costs for you.

Question #10: What is the BEST staffing agency to find bartending services near me?

Julia Valler Event Staffing is considered one of the top bartending services agencies in Miami. We offer the following advantages to our clients.
Bar Rentals
Including Bar Setup, Alcohol, Mixers, Ice, Glassware, Bar Tools, etc.
Should you need any rentals for the bar, we can coordinate this for you through our third party rental vendor. Please let your account executive know and they can handle accordingly.
Top Talent & Background Checks
We scrutinize and check all of our talents to verify their work experience, backgrounds, and skill levels.
We offer several different options of classy and chic uniforms for our staff to wear depending on the formality of your event.
Online Recruitment
If you prefer, you can view our talent roster fully remote, and review experience and pictures and even video clips to hand-select the exact people you want.
Account Executives
We provide all the support framework to our clients to explain our hiring process and additional services such as rentals, if you so choose. Our Account executives are standing by to answer all your event questions and concerns.
Not only do you rent a professional bartender, you have peace of mind

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