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Showcase your New Product the Right Way with Help from JV Models for Hire in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / December 29th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you have a promotional event on the calendar, either featuring a new store location, product release, brand launch, or other important marketing endeavors, then you need to source top models for hire in Los Angeles to help you on your big day.

These models should have a strong working knowledge of marketing promotions and possess the experience in knowing exactly what to do to help you achieve your marketing goals.
There are several reasons why finding promotional models for hire in Los Angeles can significantly increase your rate of success with your promotional launch.
  • They can easily memorize your marketing pitch, highlighting your brand's positive attributes easily and passionately to your intended customers.
  • Due to their physical appearance, they naturally attract attention to themselves, and as a result, to your brand as well.
  • That personal touch is more likely to grow your brand loyalty at a faster rate, and make your promotion more memorable.
  • Questions regarding your product, services, or brand, can be answered in person and any customer concerns can be immediately resolved.
  • Want to give your new product or service a public demonstration? When you seek out promotional models for hire in Los Angeles, they will be your go-to staff for showing your target audience what your business has to offer.

Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Face for Your Marketing Needs

Any good marketing strategist knows that everything about your marketing campaign has to match your intended market base and what you are selling! So when you are selecting your models for hire in Los Angeles, you need to determine what face goes with your brand.

Every successful advertising campaign has their signature look of models that best match what their brand wants to invoke. Does your product or business gear more towards men who enjoy the outdoors? Then you may want to look for promotional models for hire in Los Angeles who look more rugged in appearance. Or is your business one that sells health products to young people? Then you may want to seek out models that are athletic in build, and are of a certain age range. All of these factors can help improve your overall marketing campaigns rate of success and your brands overall reach.

How JV Models Can Help to Boost Your Business

Our promotional models for hire in Los Angeles are the cream of the crop when it comes to bringing awareness to your brand and creating interest in your marketing pitch. All of which translates into greater odds of increasing your potential customer base and overall sales.

We hire models in LA who are the absolute best at what they do, to join our elite agency. Julia Valler offers a variety of staffing for events, but we are renowned for our promotional model staffing options. All of our models are charismatic, outgoing, visually appealing, and professional in their craft. With our promotional modeling in LA at the forefront of your marketing campaign, you can't go wrong!

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