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Staffing for events in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / January 24th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Are you in need of stellar staffing for events in Miami coming up soon? There are many different ways you can go about your search for talent. The classifieds, an online gig site, recruiting from the street, but the best and most reliable option is sourcing your talent through a professional and tenured event staffing agency in Miami like Julia Valler.

What are Event Staff

event staffing in miami
Before you can consider finding staffing for events in Miami, it would be helpful if you knew the different kinds of event staff that are out there available for hire, and what they do.
Greets your guests, takes drink and food orders, helps serve food to the guests, maintains good service throughout the event by refilling drinks, keeping table area clean, timing the courses of food well, and providing excellent attentive care.
Greets guests, keeps an orderly bar area, cleans and restocks the bar, takes drinks & possibly food orders, serves drinks and food if necessary.
Maintains the event space to make sure floor area, tables, and bathrooms are kept clean and orderly at all times. Restocks toiletries in the bathrooms, clears and resets tables, mops, and sweeps floors when necessary. Refills water glasses and removes empty glassware and plates from the table.
Bar Captain
Oversees the entire bar functions, and if there are satellite bars in effect for your event, they make sure they are in constant communication with them all to make sure everyone has what they need and the flow of service is constant.
***We have more event staff available for hire to make your event perfect.

Why Hire Through a Staffing Agency

Some of the best reasons to hire event staff through a professional staffing agency are as follows:
No Worries about
No Shows
in their Industry
You can Relax
1. No Worries about No Shows
They are professional, they are guaranteed by the agency to show up, and in case of a sudden emergency and illness, the agency will replace any staff member immediately so it does not affect the outcome of your event.
2. Experienced in their Industry
They know their stuff, they've been doing it for long enough that they were hired by an agency. They've also obtained over the years, experience in working different styles of events, so they have that ability to adapt to any type of event you throw at them.
3. You can Relax
You don't have to be micromanaging your event, or worrying about small details. With a professional staff behind the wheel, you just can sit back and enjoy the totality of your achievements in your event and circle around your guests and talk with them instead.

Julia Valler is The Best Choice
for Staffing Miami Events

Besides having been in the event staffing industry since 2013, Julia Valler has a full roster of exceptional talent, that has worked for some of the biggest brand names in the world like Chanel, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Disney, Ferrari, and more!

If these top companies trust Julia Valler's staff to handle their guests, then you can rest easy knowing your event is in THE most capable hands in Miami. Give us a call today to get your event planning handled, and leave all of your worries behind!
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