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Our Secrets to Successful Event Staffing in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / October 12nd, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Are you ready for us to divulge our top secrets on successfully hiring event staffing in LA? We are happy to share our knowledge and professional advice with you so that you may avoid any unnecessary staffing calamities, and be put on the path of hiring only the very best.

It is a difficult hurdle for many to get through, finding the right talent who possesses great experience, a positive professional attitude and personality, and a love of providing excellent guest service that the job requires.

We will outline our most important secrets to hiring event staffing in LA, so you can put your mind at ease the next time you need to find staffing for events.

To Find Good Waitstaff, You Need to Search the Multitude

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The more staffing options you have to compare and contrast with, the better your chances are for hiring really top-skilled talent.

In contrast, if you are selecting from too small of a talent pool, your options are very limited, so you may not be able to be as picky and select the very best. So the more wait staff you review the better your odds are of being able to choose event staffing in LA that is truly the best at what they do.

    Experience Is the King of All Hiring Factors

    More important than any other factor in your search for the best event staffing in LA, is experience. You can't teach staff experience, it is only earned through time. Having a team that already has worked successfully in wait staffing means that you are assuming less risk.

    They already know and can do the job, they've been trained, they are already certified, and they know how to think critically and quickly on their feet to problem solve for different situations.

    So be sure you are verifying your waitstaff's experience to guarantee that the experience they claim to have is in fact true.
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      Mandatory Testing of Each Candidate

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      Better than any resume, is a skill assessment test. When looking for event staffing in LA, one of the most effective methods of determining if your job candidate is worth their salt is to give them a test for their particular job description.

      This allows you to see in advance what they are fully capable of doing, and if they break under pressure. You want a team member that is confident, capable, and knows their job inside and out.

        A Large Pool of Event Staffers Provides a Choice for Any Occasion

        Having a full roster of varied staffing talent means that you are able to offer more choices of event staffing in LA. This offers your clients more options and ways to provide the best and most complete guest services.
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