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How Not to Make a Mistake When Hiring Waitstaff in Chicago

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / September 10th, 2023 / ~ 7 minutes read
Selecting the right waitstaff in Chicago is one of keys for the success of your restaurant or hospitality establishment. The quality of service and customer satisfaction rely heavily on the team you assemble. However, there are several common errors to steer clear of during the hiring process.

Common Mistakes During the Hiring Process

Neglecting Professionalism:

When considering hiring waitstaff services in Chicago through a reputable agency, it's important to prioritize insurance coverage and liability protection. A reliable agency will ensure that their staff is covered under workers' compensation, liquor liability, and umbrella policies. To gather this vital information, don't hesitate to inquire about it during your conversation with the account executive of the event agency or seek relevant details on their website. Safeguarding your event and mitigating potential risks should be at the forefront of your decision-making process.


Insufficient staff can lead to a decline in service quality, particularly during events with complex timelines and larger guest lists. It's vital to hire waiters in an adequate amount to meet the demands of your event and guarantee a memorable experience for attendees.

Uninsured Staff:

When accidents or emergencies occur, uninsured staff can result in unnecessary liabilities for your business. Ensure the waitstaff for hire in Chicago are properly insured to avoid potential legal and financial consequences.

Lack of Uniformity:

A well-dressed and uniformed waitstaff portrays professionalism and enhances the overall image of your event. Avoid a sloppy appearance by implementing a consistent and polished attire policy.

    Tips for Avoiding Hiring Mistakes

    Partner with a Reputable Agency:

    Engage a reliable staffing agency in Chicago that specializes in event staffing. They will provide access to top-quality waitstaff, ensuring you hire a competent team that meets your specific requirements.

    Match Staff to Event Size:

    Consult with a professional event staffing agency to determine the appropriate number of wait staff based on your event's size, type, and complexity. Expert advice ensures adequate coverage and optimal service for your guests.

    Verify Insurance Coverage:

    Prioritize agencies that carry their own insurance policy. Confirm that any mishaps or accidents will be the agency's responsibility, alleviating stress and protecting your business.

    Pay Attention to Details:

    Before seeking waitstaff in Chicago for hire, solidify your event plans, including the venue, event timeline, and guest count. Having these details in place enables you to accurately staff your event.

    Establish a Uniform Policy:

    Choose a uniform that distinguishes your waitstaff and makes them easily identifiable to your guests. A uniformed and well-presented team enhances professionalism and creates a visually appealing event.

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