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Brand ambassadors and influencers are becoming an increasingly popular way to help make your brand more accessible to the public. While brand ambassadors and influencers share a similar function, there are key differences between these two types of promoters.

What Influencers Do

Influencers are akin to internet celebrities due to the fact that they have a large following across multiple platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. There are many influencers of various ages and specialties. A lot of the time, an influencer will have a specific area of expertise such as makeup or writing. 

Influencers create a brand around themselves and treat their social media channels and blogs as a business. For this reason, many influencers are careful about which brands they partner with or represent. 

Due to their online popularity, many brands have taken to hiring influencers to represent the brand or a specific product. Keep in mind that, while some brands attempt to coax influencers with free products and the promise of exposure, most influencers are expecting to be compensated for their time and effort when working with a brand.

What Brand Ambassadors Do

Brand ambassadors are individuals who are hired by a brand and can represent the brand to the public. The job of the brand ambassadors is to get to know the brand and products as well as to present the brand to the public.

This makes brand ambassadors particularly important for live events such as brand promotional events. Having a qualified brand ambassador at a live event can help grow your brand and increase the popularity of your products.

Unlike influencers, who might mention any brand they like online, brand ambassadors work to represent one specific brand at a time and are able to answer questions about presented products.

Who to Hire

When choosing models for hire to represent your brand, you definitely want to be selective. Ideally, you want to be working with both brand ambassadors and influencers; brand ambassadors for live events, and influencers for online advertising. 

The best influencers to hire are going to be ones who already have a large online following and who is knowledgable in an area that relates to your products. For instance, if your company sells kitchen products, you want an influencer who knows about cooking. 

An ideal brand ambassador will have knowledge about your products and will be able to appeal to your target customer demographic. Because your brand ambassador will be representing your brand at public events, you also want someone who is polite and well-spoken. After all, a rude brand ambassador can actually diminish your brand in the eyes of consumers.

Working with Brand Ambassador Agencies NYC

With plenty of social media influencers vying for brand ambassador positions, choosing can become a challenge. Fortunately, event staffing agencies NYC like Julia Valler Staffing have made the selection process a little bit easier! Our careful vetting process ensures that you only work with the best candidates and our video / photo selection process helps you choose from a pool of qualified candidates at your convenience. Working with a reputable agency allows you to hire the best for promotional modeling NYC, or any other city. 

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