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What Promo Models Are Suitable for Your Event in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 21th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Just as there are many different kinds of promotional events to further your brand reach, there are several different types of promo models in Miami for hire that will act as your very own specialized brand ambassadors at your next event.

We will go over all the different kinds of promo models in Miami for hire and what their job responsibilities will be like for each.

7 Types of Promo Models: What Are the Differences

Convention Models - Hire a model to promote your brand or product if you have a booth at a convention. They will help draw in traffic and increase your networking opportunities.

Beverage Models - Do you have a new beer or soda you want to promote, then you will benefit greatly from a beverage model. They can hand out samples, answer questions, and attract crowds to your stand.

Car Show Models - They are excellent at garnering interest in new car models, and know-how to communicate with your target audience to inform them of your business and other information about the automotive industry that people may find interesting.

Spokes Models - These are by far one of the more important promo models in Miami to hire, as they are capable of memorizing and informing your target market about large amounts of information regarding your company, product, and more. They act like an EMCEE at your event, drawing attention to your brand, being informative, and carrying the show forward.
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    Elegant and Model Looking JV Staff
    Product Demonstrators - At tradeshows, attendees are overwhelmed with seeing so many different types of products from different vendors. Having a product demonstrator gives you an edge as it can make a lasting impact on your target market.
    Bilingual and Multilingual Models - This is a perfect hire for international clients who are attending tradeshows overseas and need a translator and interpreter to communicate effectively with their potential customers.

    How to Choose the Right Type of Models for the Event

    When looking to hire promo staff in Miami, you need to find an agency that specializes in staffing for events, as they have larger rosters of talent, provide in-depth training in hospitality and customer service and are capable of providing other types of staff for hire at your promotional event if you need them.

    An event staffing agency has multiple types of promo models for hire and is able to provide customized staffing options depending on your particular promo event style. They can make professional recommendations and advice as to what promo models would work best for your event, and how many you should hire based on your expected attendee count.

    About Julia Valler Promo Models in Miami

    promo models miami
    Pictured one of JV Staff during ArtBasel'2021 in Miami
    Julia Valler has been providing exemplary staffing for events in Miami for our top-tier clients across multiple industries. Our promo models are considered some of the most experienced and professional in the industry. We pride ourselves on our commitments to service excellence and our highly selective talent recruiting methods.

    If you have a promotional event in Miami coming up soon, give us a call to ask what kind of promo model would suit your event best!
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