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Where to Locate Top Waitstaff for Hire This Thanksgiving in Miami

Waitstaff for Thanksgiving
The most food-centric holiday of them all coming up very soon is Thanksgiving, and finding the best waitstaff for hire in Miami is a quest in and of itself. You want to be sure that your waitstaff is certified in food safety, is knowledgeable about their craft, is congenial and hospitable, and is reliable to show up on time and act professionally.

Going through a top hospitality staffing agency like Julia Valler just makes good sense when it comes to being fully prepared for a busy holiday season, and a very food-oriented one like Thanksgiving.

An event staffing agency will give you the peace of mind that no job board or recruitment office will. Our talent not only has been thoroughly vetted to ensure their background is clear and the work experience is valid, but they are tested for their skill sets and provided additional training to bring them to a certain level of Julia Valler service that we guarantee to our esteemed clientele.

What Will the Wait Staff Do During the Event

Our waitstaff for hire will greet your guests, pull out chairs graciously, refill their water glasses, take drink orders, serve food, help clear dirty plates, fold napkins neatly and give an air of utter top service and class to your event that you won't find anywhere else.

Why Hire Wait Staff Through Our Agency

Julia Valler has been at the top of the hospitality staffing industry since its inception in 2013 in NYC and branching out a sister chapter here in Miami in 2021. We have a very impressive list of clients who come back again and again for our elite services.
All of our exceptional waitstaff for hire are fully certified in food safety handling, wine, and beverage knowledge, and have years of successful experience working in the hospitality industry.

They are no stranger to handling situations of all kinds and can adapt and professionally address any situation that arises.

Our waitstaff will show up on time, ready to work with a great team spirit, and have the personality to charm your guests and create a very warm and engaging atmosphere.

They know how to maintain their work areas to keep them clean and organized and how to make the event timeline move smoothly and efficiently.

Types of Waitstaff for Hire

At Julia Valler we offer a full roster of model quality talent for hire. For waitstaff for hire, we have banquet servers, bartenders, bar captains, bussers, catering staff, and more!

Our staff is ready to work together as a team or fill in any gaps you may have on your own staff. Adaptability and professionalism are our creeds and our staff will go above and beyond to do the job right.

Our Advantages

  • Account Executives
    Our elite team of talented Account Executives will handle all of your questions and requests in order to deliver the best package for your event staffing needs. They are trained and knowledgeable to provide you with the best recommendations for your specific event type and size.
  • Available Any Day
    We are available during and after work hours to field any last-minute staffing requests you may have. We understand in this industry how emergency staffing issues can happen at any time.
  • Elegant Uniforms
    You do not need to worry about uniforms, as we offer different styles of elegant and professional uniforms for you to choose from. We will also work with you if you have any custom uniform requirements!
  • Thoroughly Vetted Staff
    We only hire 7% of the applicants we receive, as we hold firmly to our standards of providing only the best talent to our esteemed clientele.
  • Immediate Quotes
    Once you have coordinated all staffing arrangements with our Account Executives and any other details you require, we will provide you with an immediate quote so you can better organize your event budget.
  • Fully Insured
    All of our staff are W2 employees and are fully insured by Julia Valler.
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