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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / April 15th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you are planning a wedding in Miami, then you are going to need to find wedding servers and bartenders in Miami that will make your event run smoothly. Wedding reception servers and wedding bartenders are a special category in hospitality staffing as these professionals are accustomed to working these types of events, dealing with large guest lists, are very familiar and accustomed to wedding reception timelines, and know what their wedding reception responsibilities are.
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How to Find Wedding Servers and Bartenders in Miami?

There are several options you can choose from when selecting your wedding servers and bartenders.

  • Hire from a gig site or job site - This option is what people tend to think of first when they need to find waitstaff for hire- they look on a job or gig site staff their events.
  • Use staff from your selected reception venue - some venues have recurring events and can offer the possibility of using their own staff.
  • Ask around for referrals to work your event - Asking people you know to see if they can recommend someone to work your event.
  • Hire from an event staffing agency - hiring your staff from a professional event staffing agency.
wedding servers and bartenders in miami
JV Waitstaff in Miami
Now which of these options would be the best staffing solution for your wedding? Hiring from a professional event staffing agency such as Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency!

When you find your talent from a professional agency like Julia Valler, your wedding planning worries will disappear. The staff is vetted, skilled, trained, and experienced in working wedding reception events of all sizes and styles. You won't have to worry about no-shows or late attendance, our staff is professional, and our talent roster is large enough to supply additional staff in case of emergencies.

What Should Servers and Bartenders Look Like at a Wedding in Miami?

Wedding servers and wedding bartenders should be appropriately uniformed in clean and pressed professional attire to match the style of the event. At Julia Valler, we offer our own line of classic, elegant, and casual uniforms for you to select for our staff to wear for your specific event style. We also work with any custom uniform requests you may have for the staff to wear.

How Many Wedding Servers and Bartenders
Do You Need?

wedding servers and bartenders in miami
Serving with a smile is our speciality
The number of wedding servers and bartenders you will need depends on the type of wedding event you are looking to have, whether it will be a banquet dinner or a large buffet, and how many guests you are expecting to have.

Contact one of our talented Account Executives and they can give you a professional recommendation on how many staff you would need to handle your size event.

What Do Bartenders and Servers Do at a Wedding?

Wedding servers and wedding bartenders WILL do the following tasks for you at your wedding:

  • Warmly and pleasantly greet your guests
  • Offer their services immediately to the guests as they arrive
  • Help with the wedding setup and organization
  • Provide topnotch customer service and attention to your guests throughout the event
  • Maintain clean and organized work environment
  • Continually communicate with person in charge of organizing the event
  • Help with their specific cleanup tasks pertaining to their job function after the event has concluded

About Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency in Miami

Julia Valler Event staffing agency has been providing staffing for events for weddings and other types of events for over a decade. We first opened our doors in NYC in 2013, and due to our business' success, we expanded into Miami in 2021 and now Los Angeles in 2022.

We provide top-quality event staff in Miami with a guarantee of high-quality client services for your next event. We have a 98% client retention rate that surpasses any other agency in our field. We work with top-name clients like Chanel, Coach, Tiffany & Co., Disney, Ferrari, and many more. Our model-quality professional staffing solutions are highly sought after for bringing events to a higher caliber and quality.
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