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Bartender for private party in LA:
5 key features

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / March 12th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
There are many important factors to consider and look for when choosing a bartender for a private party. You want to be sure that you find bartenders for hire in Los Angeles with the right skilled talent for your specific event so that your party is not a disaster!

5 Key Traits of Bartender for Private Party

bartender for private party los angeles
Here are some of our suggestions on what are the top 5 important features for a bartender for a private party to possess, so you are prepared ahead of time.

#1 Expert Craftsmanship - You need a bartender for a private party that can pull from memory a good 20-30 popular cocktails that are sure to be requested from your guests. In addition to having that beverage roster in place, they also need to have the ability to learn quickly new recipes in case there is a special cocktail menu that you want to have available to your guests.

#2 Crowd-Pleasing Persona - Personality counts for a lot, so you want to be sure to hire a bartender for a private party who has the ability to charm their way into the hearts of your guests and provide more than just a gimlet and a chilled chardonnay, but an enhanced party experience.
    #3 Time Management Skills - Knowing how to take multiple drink orders at once while simultaneously making a cocktail for someone else, is a great attribute for a bartender for a private event in Los Angeles to have. You need someone who can maximize on time and provide service to your guests so they aren't waiting a long time to request their drink or have it made.

    #5 Professional Demeanor & Appearance - Having someone who has all the skills but doesn't know how to behave or dress on the job is a problem. So when you are looking for a bartender in Los Angeles, you want to find someone who invokes a sense of trust with not only their professional appearance but behavior.
    # 4 Clean Machine - The bar is a representation of the bartender in every sense. If the bar is messy, then you will expect the quality of the drinks and the service to be messy as well. So when you hire bartenders in Los Angeles, make sure they are as serious about the orderliness and cleanliness of the bar they work on, as they are about their drinks.

    How to Hire a Bartender for Private Party in LA

    The best route to hire bartenders in LA is to first do your homework. Find the best-rated event staffing in Los Angeles by doing an easy google search and looking at companies' reviews and comments made by clients and staff. A happy staff is a sign of a great agency to work with because employees work better and faster when they are treated well by their employer.

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